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    Why Building Product Companies Should Consider Foursquare

    When used correctly, Foursquare can make a difference for you and your clients’ business.

    Social media has been a hot topic for several years now and while it’s not always your decision as to whether or not it can be used at work, it’s a big deal for a lot of companies. In fact, Robert Half Technology did a recent sturdy of CIOs and discovered that 51% of companies permit social media access for business purposes only (up from 19% in 2009).

    So while we are all becoming familiar with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn inside and outside of the workplace, Foursquare is something a lot of B2B companies still don’t completely understand. In case you aren’t aware of the details, Foursquare is a geo-location check-in website with 4 million members. Beyond allowing members to check-in at their location, it also allows users to find their friends, discover what else is near them and find rewards offered by locations.

    While many people use it to share where they’re eating lunch, having a meeting or watching a show, Foursquare can also be great for B2B building product companies. Here are 5 reasons you may want to use Foursquare at your company, and why you might want to encourage your clients to do the same:

    1. Promote a company event: Not only can you use check-ins to promote upcoming events, this can also be used for industry tradeshows and conventions to engage clients and build interest for activities.
    2. Build your brand: Allowing your employee’s to check in will show your organization as energetic and enthusiastic and allow clients to see more of your corporate culture.
    3. Collect information on your target audience: When others check-in at your location, you can start to learn more about who they are – where they go and what they like—and tailor your messaging to them.
    4. Give a shout-out to your clients: When you check-in at your client’s location, you are letting them know you are engaged and excited to share who you are working with.
    5. Boost your sales team productivity: Create a friendly competition to encourage sales reps to check-in. When they check-in, they are promoting your brand and showing their engagement, plus building their professional networks. Offering an incentive will ensure they keep Foursquare top-of-mind.


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