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    Tips on Paid Social Media Advertising

    Tips on Paid Social Media Advertising

    You have chosen the right social channels for your association, created your content calendar and embarked on a successful journey to engage with customers and prospects through social media. Your team is posting relevant, timely information and your community is engaged. It may be time to reach beyond your group of loyal followers and extend your message to a broader audience with a paid social program.

    Paid social media expands your audience beyond current followers.

    Like other paid media, building a budget for paid social media can depend on several factors and, with careful consideration and alignment with your overall communication plan, social media can be an effective channel in your overall paid media mix.

    When to Consider a Paid Social Media Program

    When should you consider a paid social strategy? Reaching beyond the audience currently engaging with you is the key benefit of paid social media. It allows you to widen the net and generate new followers, brand advocates and clicks to your website. There may be a large audience of building products customers on social media who are not engaged with you. A paid social effort can increase your reach among your target audience, generate awareness for your programs and efforts, allow viewers the opportunity to interact and engage with you and provide traffic to your website content.

    Paid social advertising can be pin-point targeted, which is good news. In most cases, the ads served to an audience are highly relevant and considered useful. The ads don’t seem obtrusive or out of place for your audience and audiences are more and more comfortable engaging with paid content.

    Precise audience targeting is possible through social media platforms.

    While some brands may struggle with the idea of selling in a social community, for most B2B businesses and organizations with nothing to “sell” other than instructive information and educational content, a paid social campaign can be an effective way to reach a broader audience with applicable, timely content.

    You can consider many ways to set up target audiences for your paid social efforts and the beauty of social media is each of the platforms has vast information about its users. The platforms not only have demographic and geographic information, but they have deep psychographics, including information on user occupations, interests and behaviors.

    Research tells us the top social media platforms for builders include LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube, so let’s look deeper into how a paid social media effort on those platforms may support your communication efforts.

    Where to Place Your Social Media Budget

    Facebook is not only the largest social platform, but also one of the most established and has offered advertising for years. It has good advertising options, audience targeting options and robust analytics through the Meta Business Suite (also used for Instagram). Once you have selected your audience and budget for your paid campaign, you’ll want to develop messages for your expanded audience.

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    One strategy is to start your paid efforts by reviewing popular or engaging organic posts and boost those posts to an expanded audience or repurpose content from those posts into the development of a paid ad for your expanded audience. If your current audience found your educational content on sustainability practices interesting and engaging, your expanded audience will, too.

    YouTube remains a top social platform for builders and its viewership recently reached over 2.70 billion people per month worldwide. It remains second only to Google as a search engine. While it may be best known for entertaining videos, it’s also an effective vehicle for instructional videos. The ability to create engaging, high-quality videos is key for this medium. (Since YouTube is owned by Google, many of the “how-to” searches are supported with YouTube video content.)

    For deep details on B2B paid social for LinkedIn, go here.

    Social media has become an important communication tool for any building products company, business or organization. A paid social media campaign can efficiently extend your reach by using data from your organic efforts to define paid target audiences and messaging of value. By providing relevant information to a larger targeted audience, there’s an even greater possibility your information will be shared and extended further through the power of social sharing.

    Paid social extends your reach, sharing, and engagement.

    Need help getting the most of your social media efforts? Let us help you get started with an organic and paid social media plan to help you reach and engage with your audiences and support your communication goals.


    When should I consider a paid social media program for my association?

    Consider a paid social media program when you want to reach a broader audience beyond your current followers, generate awareness for your programs and increase engagement with your target audience.

    Why is paid social media effective for building products companies?

    Paid social media allows businesses and companies to efficiently extend their reach, provide relevant information to a larger targeted audience and increase the likelihood of their content being shared.

    Which social media platforms are recommended for a paid social media campaign targeting the construction industry?

    LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube are the top social platforms among builders, offering good advertising options, audience targeting and robust analytics for paid campaigns.

    How can I start my paid social efforts on Facebook?

    You can start by reviewing popular organic posts and boosting them to an expanded audience or repurposing engaging content from these posts into paid ads for your expanded audience.

    What should I keep in mind when using YouTube for a paid social media campaign?

    To succeed on YouTube, focus on creating engaging, high-quality instructional videos, as it is an effective platform for such content. Also, it is owned by Google, which supports many “how-to” searches with video content.

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