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    What Trade Show Marketers Can Learn from Horror Movies (Part 1/3)


    Avoid Falling Victim to Horror Movie Clichés
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    It seems like characters in horror movies are always making the same mistakes, inevitably getting themselves in worse situations than they were originally. As it turns out, they aren’t the only ones; trade show marketers, too, make the same mistakes when it comes to their booths.

    The good news is that these mistakes are easily fixable. This post will kick off our 3-part series, giving you the tips you need to improve your trade show marketing and make sure it doesn’t fall victim to horror movie clichés.

    Let’s Split Up
    It is not uncommon to hear product teams insist that all product images be shown on the booth; on the other hand, it’s not unusual to hear a salesperson say the appearance of the booth doesn’t matter at all. When sales, marketing, and product teams “split up” like this, remember these tips to prevent your company’s trade show experience from falling victim to splitting into multiple directions:

    • Consider your message, using only the highest quality images and information for clarity.
    • Don’t “split up” from prospects either—ensure that your exhibit’s singular message is one that is conducive to customer interaction.
    • Marketing teams should make sure to communicate proper storage, training, and setup techniques to the sales team in order to avoid creases, folds, and weathering of an expensive investment.

    Look Behind You!
    Do potential leads have to strain their necks to see your exhibit? Looking back in a horror movie usually doesn’t end well, and it doesn’t work for people visiting your booth, either. Consider the placement and layout of your booth along with text and images—it’s one of the most important and yet often-overlooked aspects of any tradeshow exhibit. Keep these simple guidelines in mind to prevent your prospects from running in the other direction:

    • Text height should be a minimum of 4′ tall. Make your text 1′ high for every 3′ you step back. Too complicated? Just show one large image, visible at 30.’
    • Keep the most important text at eye level—approximately 5′ from the floor.
    • Stick to basic, easy to read fonts (think serif or sans-serif) and only two styles per graphic.
    • Does your booth look like a murder scene with colors splattered everywhere? If so, there’s a good chance it’s time to simplify.

    Stay tuned for more horror (trade) show survival tips coming tomorrow!

    Can’t wait to read more? Download our e-book “Killer Booths: The Horror (Trade) Show Survival Guide” for more information and immediate insights.

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