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    Ways Creating a Company Blog Really Pays Off

    While video content production for marketing is trending, don’t make the mistake of overlooking how important having a company blog is. As a content strategy, blogging is excellent for providing your target audience and present customers with content that informs, while allowing you to hone your brand messaging. There are many reasons why maintaining a company blog is critical to your B2B marketing success. Here are just a few reasons why you should add a blog to your website:

    Higher Ranking – Recent research shows your website will have a 434% higher possibility of attaining a higher rank when it has a blog attached to it.

    More Leads – According to research, businesses that utilized a blog as a part of their marketing strategy gain two-third more leads than those who didn’t.

    Your Competitors Are Blogging – Over half of the marketers in a recent survey claimed they use blogging as a marketing tactic, followed by email marketing, social media, and ebooks. Only 30 percent were investing in video.

    People Trust Blogs More Than Advertising — Your blog allows you to use your voice to help your readership to see the human angle of your business. It lets you differentiate from your competition, express your personality and core values, and increases your likeability. Additionally, it is a space to address your audience’s concerns and issues.

    Blogs Drive Traffic — With a carefully crafted marketing plan, your blog with its ever-growing collection of articles uses unique keywords that boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Because the majority of internet users don’t scroll past the first page of their search results, it’s crucial that your company feature prominently on the first page, and blogging consistently will get you there.

    Blogging Brings Inbound Links – When you blog, you can receive almost double the amount of inbound hyperlinks than competitors who don’t. Getting high-quality backlinks gives your site a higher ranking in search engines, resulting in more traffic.

    Blogging is a Step Up From Social Media — Blogging gives you another avenue to interact with customers rather than social media. Welcoming questions and giving feedback in an open comments section allows you to have great discussions. You can ask customers to share the content they like, and ask for recommendations of what kind of topics you should post about. It’s a great way to connect with your customers off of social media. Always reply to each comment, and ensure that troll posts are removed quickly. If you don’t have an open comments section, link to a peer-to-peer forum that enables engagement on related topics.

    Blogging And Social Media Are Linked — Not long ago, blogging and social media were considered two separate things, but have now evolved to go hand in hand. Instead of the long-form content bloggers used to post, many bloggers have opted for the short format. This content is used to inform your social media content, and social media helps promote your articles while adding in extra content. Without a company blog to promote on social platforms, you’re missing a chance to drive high-quality engagement to your target audience.

    Blogging is Better Than Advertising — Most people search out a company blog to learn more about their business and what they offer. People generally will not click on an internet banner ad, but they will check out a relevant blog. Your blog is an advertising and marketing tool, but it’s better in some regards than paid advertising. It’s easy to create a blog, and easy to maintain – and you probably have the ability to add one to your site right now.

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    Stay In-the-Know with Our Quarterly Printed Magazine, Navigate the Channel.

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