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Using Social Media Videos for B2B in 2020

It can be difficult to explain how important social media videos are to CEOs and other executives of companies that serve the B2B market. In fact, don’t be surprised if you are dismissed with laughter and disagreement. There are still many of these executives that think their clients don’t care about social media videos.

They may say that “videos are good for Facebook or Instagram accounts of B2C companies, but for B2B companies like ours. No one wants to watch that stuff.”

However, that stance is not true, and B2B organizations that refrain from exploring the vast potential of social media videos are risking market share and the loss of current and potential customers.

Social Media Videos for B2B Companies

Social media videos for B2B companies are different from those B2C companies create. The types of B2B videos that have the best results, and are useful to B2B customers include:

  • Storytelling focused on the company’s corporate culture, mission, and leadership
  • Specific case studies and success stories
  • Explanation and/or demonstration of a product or service
  • CEO messages to the public on company decisions or actions
  • Trending industry topics, and the POV of C-suite executives

Effective Social Media Videos and Channels

In order to be effective and gain views, comments, likes, and shares, social media videos should be no longer than 60 to 180 seconds. Longer videos usually lose visitors before you get to the meat of the information.

Publishing social media videos has to be strategic, too. It’s important to know your audience and which channels they are likely to use. For B2C companies, video can find potential customers on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. B2B companies should publish to YouTube, LinkedIn, or Twitter, unless you are aware of specific audiences on other sites. For instance, it’s possible that there are Facebook groups within your industry. YouTube is critical for B2B businesses, because it’s the second-largest search engine behind Google. YouTube is also owned by Google, so publishing and sharing B2B videos on YouTube can offer SEO benefits on both search engines.

Therefore, your B2B company may use different channels to post social media videos than your B2C peers, but publishing videos gives your B2B company multiple opportunities that you may miss otherwise.

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