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    Understanding the Benefits of Successful Retargeting Campaigns

    Online ad retargeting has quickly become an important inbound marketing strategy. Though retargeting sounds complicated, it is actually fairly simple. This is a somewhat covert means of connecting with prospective clients without investing an egregious sum of money in traditional advertisements. Let’s take a look at what retargeting is really all about.

    The Inside Scoop on Retargeting

    Retargeting boils down to tagging online visitors in order to zero in on them with targeted advertisements. These ads are specifically tailored to those users’ unique interest level in your business. Retargeting has the potential to expose the target audience to your ads when they are perusing the web for products, watching videos on platforms, such as YouTube, or simply scrolling through social media.

    Groups of prospective clients are separated into categories and subsequently targeted with specific ad copy along with most likely to suit their needs and desires. The shaping of the specific ad content is centered on what the user did when first visiting your website. Truly efficient retargeting boosts repeat visits on the web by 50%, heightens conversion rate, and dramatically enhances time spent on the website.

    Why Retargeting is so Effective

    Retargeting is growing in popularity largely because it targets those who have already expressed an interest in the products, services, or content on the website in question. Retargeting ads put the value proposition directly back in front of those who have demonstrated an interest in that value. Furthermore, proper retargeting presents persuasive information in a highly personalized manner, tailoring everything from the specific words used, and products featured directly to that specific customer.

    Retargeting Boosts Brand Recall

    Plenty of companies are challenged with overcoming the seemingly insurmountable obstacle of minimal or nonexistent brand awareness and recall. Take a close look at your website’s organic traffic and you might find only a small percentage stems from searches for your specific brand. This means you can invest a considerable amount of your marketing budget in an SEO push and end up with a brand that has minimal, if any, recognition. Even if your website shows up in the first few SERPs (search engine results pages) and receives a fair number of clicks, people might not actually recall your brand. Start retargeting and you will likely notice a substantial boost in your site’s direct traffic as people express a genuine interest in your company’s specific brand. This spike in brand interest will inevitably ramp up the number of people who directly visit the website. Perhaps, more importantly, people will remember your unique brand the next time they need or desire the product or service you offer, likely leading to higher conversion rates.

    Retargeting Can Be Highly Specific 

    Track the visits to your website and you will likely notice trends such as people returning to a specific page or group of pages. A successful retargeting campaign should be generated for these web surfers. As an example, consider those who frequently visit a certain service description page on your website. These individuals have clearly expressed a strong interest in the merits of one of your services yet are not converting into paying customers. It is prudent to specifically retarget these prospective customers with a retargeting ad campaign as they are one step away from making the all-important purchase.

    Retargeting Improves Time Spent on Your Website

    Boosting the amount of time website visitors spend on your website is extremely important. If these web surfers were to spend additional time on your site, they would prove that much more likely to become paying clients. The overarching aim is not only to boost the amount of time users spend on the site but also to get those visitors to click through several pages. Retargeting helps resonate with these online visitors who took the initial step of visiting your website in the first place. Specifically, tailor retargeting ads to these individuals and they will return to the site, spend that much more time considering your value offering, and eventually convert into paying clients.

    Retargeting Tips and Tricks

    If you’re just beginning to implement a retargeting strategy within your marketing mix, you might wonder what content you should include in your ads when you’re just getting started. Some initial tips that have proven to be successful in the retargeting world include:

    • Customizing your messaging to specific audiences
    • Utilizing high-end photography for your product or service
    • Including a sense of urgency within your copy
    • Offering specials and limited-time deals
    • Focusing on specific URLs

    Taking Your Retargeting to the Next Level

    It’s important to keep in mind that rarely do first-time site visitors convert. This is why you should take the time to invest in creating a strong retargeting strategy. Now that we’ve covered that people will continue to revisit your website as they’re retargeted in the sections above, you can start to understand what brings them back, and most importantly, what is creating the hesitation to convert. Maybe they’re looking for more information about your company, product, or service. Or they might be perusing the review sections to see if they think your business is the right fit for them and your needs. One of the best tips in retargeting is to pay attention to the data and analytics to continue to make adjustments to your site and optimize your content based on the users who are continually frequenting your page, as well as your competitor’s site. 

    If you’re looking for more information on how to get started with retargeting ads, or looking for a more holistic digital marketing offering, reach out today and we’d be happy to discuss your unique needs and how we can help you drive results.

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