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Top Methods To Ensure Your Followers See Your Facebook Updates

While any successful B2B brand has a Facebook page, engagement on the social platform has dropped significantly, which is a trend that can worry companies who rely on the network to engage with prospective customers, drive traffic, and boost sales. However, if your company has noticed that it doesn’t seem like your followers are receiving your updates, there are strategies you can follow to stem that decline in organic reach.

Post Less

Many companies see a greater response to fewer posts. There are several reasons that could happen. It could be that you are posting too often and your posts are annoying your followers. Another reason could be that you are posting often at the expense of quality content. It’s hard to come up with compelling content if you post ten times a day. Try reigning it back to not more than two posts per day and ensure those posts are top-quality.

Post When Your Followers Are Online

It used to be generally accepted that the early afternoon was the “perfect” time to post content on Facebook. That no longer appears to be true. Every industry and brand likely has their own optimum time to post, depending when your fans are online, where they live, and how they use Facebook as a platform. Go to your Facebook Page Insights and look at the data under the post tab. It will show when your followers are online throughout the week. Use that data to determine when to post.

Boost and Repost Your Top Posts

Boosting a post is fairly inexpensive. Identify your most popular posts and pay to have them promoted. It only makes sense to promote the posts that have received the most traffic, engagement, and shares. It’s a much better use of your budget than paying to boost low-performing posts. They’re not performing for a reason. Likewise, you can also recycle your top posts, and they often do even better the second time around.

Reply to Comments

If you want engagement with your followers, acknowledge their comments and reply to them. This personalized touch will make your readers feel heard and will encourage them to comment on further posts.

Host Giveaways

Facebook contest and giveaway posts typically get the most amount of engagement. There are some things to keep in mind, however. Don’t annoy your followers by constantly running contests and giveaways. Take a couple months between each. Also, give out meaningful and relevant prizes that drive your brand messaging. Give out swag you’d like to get.

Create a Facebook Group

A final possible resolution to boosting your organic reach and interaction on your Facebook Page is to create a Facebook Group and link them together. A linked Facebook Group where you engage with your most engaged followers in discussions can possibly help boost your Facebook Page in a couple of ways. The Facebook Group can bring more awareness to your brand, since it is a place your fans can have meaningful discussions. And, because you can also cross-post between the two, they can encourage group members to check out your Facebook page, and vice-versa. While Facebook’s algorithms are mostly secret, it’s possible that your group interactions could boost your post’s ranking on your followers’ and members’ News Feed.

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