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    The Top Ten Ways Building Product Marketers Can Achieve Enchantment, Part 2

    Guy Kawasaki’s 10 Keys to Enchantment, Success

    In a recent post, I introduced you to Guy Kawasaki and his first 3 pillars for achieving enchantment. As promised, here are steps 4-10 on how to influence your people and make a difference for your entire company:

     4. Launch – tell a story, a personal story

      • Once your product or service is perfected, you need to launch (or re-launch) that product with a personal story. We’ve heard it a hundred times, but people do business with people they like and they need to hear their personal story to make a connection. Here are some tips for doing that:
        • Plant many seeds. Don’t just focus on one part of the story and sharing it on one medium, put your story out there and make it easy to know, learn and love.
        • Use salient points. Don’t tell people what you want them to know – tell them what makes sense for them. Guy used a great example for this – it would be much more efficient if a bag of chips listed the miles you have to run to burn off those chips, rather than the number of calories it contains – that is what we all want to know!

     5. Overcome resistance

      • To do this, you need to provide social proof. First, use a dataset to change a mindset (check out and second – enchant all of your influencers. For a real life example of this type of enchantment, Guy recommended that every marketer watch Justin Bieber’s movie, Never Say Never.

    6. Endure

      • To endure, you must build an ecosystem. Build a network of people that you help, and in turn help you back. Evoke reciprocation and once you’ve done a favor, enable people to help you next time you’re in need. Most of all, don’t rely on money to enchant people.

     7. Present

      • Great presenters are great enchanters. There are several key points to being a great presenter. First, customize the introduction to your audience. Second, sell your dream. Finally, use a visual presentation that drives the point home. If you are using PowerPoint, follow these guidelines: 10 slides, 20 minutes, 30 point font.

     8. Use technology

      • Whether it’s email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, provide value to others through your engagement. And don’t just engage when you feel like it – use the three f’s: fast, flat and frequent.

     9. Enchant up

      • Drop everything for your boss. If they ask you to do something, do it right away. And, if you have bad news, deliver it early.

    10. Enchant down

      • You must engage your employees. Provide them with a MAP (mastery, autonomously, purpose). Empower them to take action and trust them to make good decisions. And when it comes down to it – suck it up, get in the trenches and help with the dirty work.
      • If you are more interested in this topic, check out Drive by Daniel Pink which does a great job explaining what motivates us.

    Guy is a fascinating marketer and I would highly recommend his new book Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions if you are interested in learning more on how to make your brand enchanting.

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