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    The Tablet Revolution of the Building Products Industry

    How iPads and other tablets are changing the way builders do business. 

    According to research done by Professional Remodeler Magazine and featured in their September 2011 issue:

    “In a July 2011 survey of nearly 700 Professional Builder readers, more than one in three builders (35 percent) said they currently own a tablet PC, and about half (49 percent) said they are planning to purchase a tablet device for their business.”

    Builders are taking advantage of the portability and ease of use through special apps made especially for them.

    Building product professionals are adapting to the use of tablets, such as the Apple® iPad®, at a rate worth considering it a growing technology trend. It’s a trend so big that Professional Remodeler dedicated multiple articles in it’s September issue and online.

    Builders such as, Dan Verdoorn, who according to Professional Remodeler, purchased iPads for his entire management team, and uses them for “just about everything” including:

    • accessing plans
    • handling change orders
    • sketching design ideas for clients
    • equipping his new model homes with the devices to serve as the user interface for the home automation system

    Tablets are allowing builders to makee improvements in multiple phases of the building process.

    In a recent article, Pat Curry, contributing editor for the, recently shared 6 ways builders are using tablets to manage construction operations:

    1. Instant access to construction documents: Aided by file-hosting apps like Dropbox
    2. Job site inspections: with added benefit of ability to take and send photos
    3. Face-to-face meetings remotely: video-conference meetings using apps like Apple®’s FaceTime and Skype
    4. Building product installation videos and instructions: Instant access to streaming video on the job site.
    5. Storm tracking: Utilizing apps from WeatherBug and the Weather Channel
    6. Remote access to enterprise data: Using systems like Builder MT and Kova Solutions

    Those apps are changing the building product industry in the pre-construction phases.

    Also on, contributing editor, Susan Bady enlightened us on 5 ways builders, architects, and designers are using tablets to design homes:

    1. Client presentations: online portfolios, etc.
    2. Annotating drawings: with apps like AutoCAD WS
    3. Create an online library of colors, textures, and materials
    4. Basic design from scratch: using tools like SketchBook Pro
    5. Virtual design meetings: using CAD drawings, PDFs, screen captures, emails, etc.

    Builders are also using special interactive tablet apps to make their job easier, such as the Handy Level, Measure Master Pro, and AutoCAD WS. If you’re looking for more apps to help your business, 77 apps made for remodelers featured at the Housing Zone App Center.

    What does this mean for marketing? Companies need to be ready to communicate to clients though this new digital tool that is quickly becoming a favorite channel for information. And your digital marketing needs to be tablet-friendly.

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    Stay In-the-Know with Our Quarterly Printed Magazine, Navigate the Channel.

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