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    The Role of Social Media Walls in Our Increasingly Digital Society

    Have you seen those large screens scrolling tweets and other social media messages during TV broadcasts and other events? Most people have curiously observed these nifty new tech displays yet, do not know what they are called. These massive screens with a seemingly never-ending stream of social media posts are referred to as social media walls. Below, we shed light on the importance of social walls in the context of business marketing.

    What is a Social Wall?

    Social walls are large screens updated in real-time with all Twitter posts, hashtags, and information from other social media platforms. Social walls are now regularly used during TV broadcasts. These screens are also used at events and other get-togethers, many of which are live-streamed on the web. This is an excellent way to increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, and have a greater impact on your social media marketing efforts.

    To get people engaged with a social wall, companies and brands typically encourage engagement with their displays in social walls by using a call-to-action. This can range from sharing a #hashtag or @handle to offering incentives like a discount or a giveaway opportunity.

    Why Social Walls are Important

    Social walls have value in that they help capture and maintain viewer attention. Feature a social wall in a TV appearance or live streamed event and those watching at home really will prove much more likely to tune in and continue watching throughout the entirety of the broadcast. However, boosting audience numbers is not the sole purpose of social walls. Social walls also help businesses, the media and other parties get a sense of what people think of specific subject matter through the social feed.

    Though it would prove difficult to record and analyze every single tweet that scrolls on a social wall, observing the information on these walls certainly reveals important trends. These trends inform business owners, managers, and marketers about what the audience is talking about.  Pinpoint themes in social wall content and you will have a better sense of what your audience is interested in and how they feel about specific subject matters. Furthermore, it is possible to gauge the location of those whose tweets and other social media posts appear on the social wall. This geographic component of social walls reveals the locations where your company’s message is making the most impact, giving you a better idea of how to alter your marketing strategy as you move forward.

    Hosting an Event? You Need a Social Wall

    It won’t be long until social walls are the norm at events of nearly every sort. Social walls for events help keep attendees interested in the get-together yet also serve as a valuable information tool for those watching the event live-streamed or broadcast on TV. Social walls provide an ongoing stream of real-time content posted during the event, showing a wide array of audience opinions and questions. There is a good chance the media wall will prove especially lively during a specific part of the event. This uptick in messages reveals the specific subject matter the audience is most interested in, ultimately helping businesses and professionals better tailor their content and services to the audience in question. Furthermore, the event host can monitor the social wall throughout the event to respond to questions or comments posted on Twitter in real-time.

    Boost Engagement

    Put yourself in the position of a customer of your business. You find out the business is hosting a live stream, appearing on TV, or holding an event in which a social wall is featured. This is your chance to put your Twitter handle and question/comment in the spotlight for everyone to see. Pose a question or comment on the subject matter and there is a good chance your message will appear on the social wall. Even if your question or comment is not addressed, you will feel that much more engaged with the company, heightening the chances of a subsequent purchase. This is precisely why every business should consider the merits of this new tech tool. In the end, social walls greatly enhance customer loyalty in both the short-term and the long-term. So, don’t be afraid to rent or buy a social wall for ongoing use. The investment you make in this technology has the potential to pay significantly larger dividends as time progresses.

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