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    The Master Guide to SEO and B2B Construction Marketing

    One of the biggest fallacies about construction marketing is that there’s no reason to pay attention to the content on your website. The truth? Consistently adding new blog posts, articles, and informative information can be a huge way to expand your business and reach potential clients.

    Despite the fact that most decision makers in this industry utilize word-of-mouth advertising, search engine ranking is still incredibly important. Here’s what you need to know about search engine optimization (SEO) and B2B construction marketing.

    Why Use SEO for B2B Construction Marketing?

    So, why does it really matter where your website ranks when you’re in the commercial construction industry? The truth is that many decision-makers look to Google when it comes to whom they’re going to do business with. They might even see your bid on a particular project and then look online to see what others are saying about working with you.

    If you’ve taken time to build an inbound marketing strategy, you should show up fairly high in their search. Furthermore, your construction services and reputation for professionalism will be on full display, making it easier to decide to hire your firm for the job. To take that idea a step further, here are four other aspects to consider.

    1. Building Relationships and Referrals

    Having a quality website makes it easier to foster working relationships and increase referrals from others in the construction industry. Instead of a colleague referring your business to a potential lead and that customer finding nothing on Google, an optimized website will allow them to see who you are quickly and effectively.

    Once they land on your website, they’ll easily understand why your business is the best choice out of all the B2B construction companies in your area. But this won’t happen if you haven’t taken the time to ensure your website meets all SEO guidelines and ranks well within the list of search results.

    2. Give Your Sales Team Something to Talk About

    When it comes to sales and marketing as a commercial construction firm, your team is your number one tool for closing deals. However, having additional content to reference is a simple way to make it easier to close a contract.

    For example, say you add high-quality content about building shopping centers to your website. Your sales team can guide potential leads to the page and reference certain points of interest. While you probably only added the content initially to help rank well for anyone looking for a commercial contractor in your area, the fact that the same copy can be used as an additional sales resource is huge.

    3. What You Need to Know About Decision Makers and Search Engines

    As we previously mentioned, decision makers and investors are incredibly tech savvy. Once they get the name of a potential construction company to hire, they’re going to look up everything they can online to determine if the firm is reputable.

    The biggest tool they use? Google. This is primarily what makes utilizing SEO best practices for your B2B construction company website so important. Add in additional facets like utilizing social media, adding your listing to Google My Business, and other marketing strategies to create a comprehensive digital presence that makes it easy to choose your firm over the competition.

    4. Using White Papers as a Marketing Strategy

    Finally, you can use white papers as a solid digital marketing strategy. How this works is that you create a landing page that gives visitors the option to download an industry-related PDF. The landing page itself should be optimized to rank high for a specific topic, making it easier for someone searching for keywords within that niche to find your page.

    When they put in their email address to gain access, this gives you an opportunity to send them regular marketing communication later. The end result is that you’ve gained permission for future contact via subscribing to your email list while providing them the valuable high-quality information they were searching for on Google.

    Let Us Help with Your B2B Construction Marketing

    If you’re still unsure of where to start, we can assist. Our team at ER Marketing specializes in helping commercial construction firms navigate the digital marketing process. Whether you’re concerned about generating leads or just want to better utilize social media for brand recognition, we can make it happen.

    Best of all, we fully understand the unique needs of B2B marketing in the construction industry. Not only can we make it easier for you to reach decision-makers and attract more leads, but we can help improve recognition for your company within your local or regional area. Our team of construction marketing experts is ready to get started. Please contact us today for details.

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    Elton's career spans media, production, digital and building industry expertise. His diverse experience makes him nimble, innovative, and curious – always pushing the envelope to create extraordinary work that delivers real results for our clients.

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