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    The Importance of Local Identifiers in a SEO Push

    Most people who are interested in search engine optimization (SEO for short) understand the importance of adding keywords and key phrases to online content. These keywords should be included at a keyword saturation rate between 0.5% and 3%. However, it is also important to include local identifiers at a similar saturation rate. Let’s take a quick look at why the use of local identifiers is so important for SEO success.

    Localize Your Content for Optimal SEO Impact

    If your business is like most others, you covet local clients. However, if your online content is tailored to a general audience, regardless of their location, it will be that much more difficult to establish connections with locals through your online footprint. This is precisely why localized keywords and key phrases are so important. Strategically include local identifiers throughout the entirety of your online content and those in your vicinity who sleuth the web will prove much more likely to find the various components of your online footprint.

    Examples of Helpful Local Identifiers

    Take a moment to think about what locals in need of your unique products and services are likely to search for on the web. These coveted clients search for:

    • City/town name
    • Zip code
    • Neighborhood names
    • Street names

    Even local landmarks or other noteworthy points of interest should be mixed into your content to attract that many more online searchers. If your online content does not include such local identifiers, it will be that much more difficult for those in your area to find your:

    • Homepage
    • Services pages
    • Product pages
    • Blog
    • Social media

    This is not to say you should include local identifiers at an egregiously high percentage throughout the entirety of your online content. Google and other search engines penalize businesses that overload their content with an abundance of keywords and local identifiers. Mix in your town name, zip code and even the nicknames of local neighborhoods and it really will prove that much easier for locals to find your business on the web.

    Google’s Keyword Planner Will Help

    Make use of Google’s Keyword Planning tool and zeroing in on local clients will prove significantly easier. This tool helps you pinpoint the specific words and phrases likely to be highly relevant to those who live and work in your area. Give the search engine’s Keyword Planner a try and you will find it facilitates the filtering of keyword searches in accordance with location. You will find out exactly which terms are particularly popular in your neck of the woods, making it that much easier to create effective SEO content that draws in as many locals as possible.

    Include Local Keywords Beyond the Body of Online Content It is not enough to simply add local identifiers to the body of:

    • Blog posts
    • Service pages
    • Your homepage
    • Other online content

    These local keywords and key phrases should also be included in other components of your online content including URLs, meta titles and meta descriptions. Google really does analyze these parts of your online content in addition to the body of online posts/articles to get a sense of who your content is geared toward.

    Create Content Centered on Local Events

    When in doubt, create content specifically geared toward your local audience. If there is a large event or other noteworthy get- together in your town or city, create content pertaining to that specific event. This way, those living in or near your city who search the web for the specific event or information relating to the event will prove more likely to stumble onto your online content and seriously consider the merits of your value proposition.

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    Elton's career spans media, production, digital and building industry expertise. His diverse experience makes him nimble, innovative, and curious – always pushing the envelope to create extraordinary work that delivers real results for our clients.

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