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    Tap into the power of social media video marketing for your building products

    In recent years, social media video marketing has grown and outdone most traditional content marketing types. It is currently among the top most-effective social media content marketing type, and it’s expected to even double by 2021. Most brands, particularly those in the service industry have tapped into this content type and exploited it to great depths. Now it’s time for building product manufacturers and distributors to do the same.

    But first, what’s so grand about video marketing?

    Videos give potential customers an unmatchable, interactive product or service experience even when they are miles away. They enable a person to get an up-close-and-personal feel of the product or service, creating more authenticity to it and hence trust.

    Videos make all other content types come to life. They combine photos, text, and audio into one; delivering almost on every aspect of marketing that businesses and customers are looking for.

    As a building products’ manufacturer or distributor, it is imperative that you tap into social video marketing for your construction products. Many contractors and DIY homeowners are constantly browsing through the internet or social media platforms to find video content on what or how to use specific products for their projects.

    Here is a guide to how you can proceed to tap into the power of social video marketing for your construction materials:

    Start by creating a video marketing strategy

    A strategy is always crucial when setting out to try a new marketing strategy. Start by determining your target market. Are targeting contractors or DIY homeowners? It’s important to understand the persona you will be marketing to so that you can customize your videos to meet their specific needs.

    Determine where you will be sharing your video and the requirements of the platform. Each platform, say YouTube, Facebook or Instagram has different rules, and your videos should adhere to them. Then establish the quality of video that you want and whether it’s necessary to consult an expert for help. Also, depending on the purpose of your video, decide what CTA to include so that you can capture potential leads.

    Establish the types of video you want to create

    There are different types of video that you can choose to use in promoting your building products. Some of them include;

    • Explainers- These videos help you explain to potential buyers what your products do or how they operate. They just provide information without illustrations.
    • Demos- With these videos, you can demonstrate what your building products do, how they function, or how to build with them by giving an illustration. These videos are an excellent source of information for builders using your products.
    • Vlogs or live videos- With these, you can capture live videos of your product during manufacturing or when in use.
    • Interviews- Here you can provide interviews with professionals as they explain how best to use your building products.
    • Video ads-These are videos to help you promote your building products by listing their benefits, where to find them, their prices, and any current offers.

    It is always advisable that you use a combination of several video types to run a successful campaign. However, make sure that most of your videos seek to provide a solution to a customer’s problems – such as what measurements to use when installing a shut-off valve on a pump system.

    Sharing your video

    Your video can be of different lengths depending on the channel you want to share it on. Make sure that the videos are mobile friendly because most customers are on mobile today. Also, ensure that you optimize your videos according to the SEO standards and best practices of the particular channel where you will share them.

    Social video marketing can help you answer most of your customer’s questions, be their expert source for building product’s information, and establish strong relationships with them. Tap into this marketing channel today!

    About The Author

    Elton Mayfield

    Elton's career spans media, production, digital and building industry expertise. His diverse experience makes him nimble, innovative, and curious – always pushing the envelope to create extraordinary work that delivers real results for our clients.

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