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    Social Currency for the Building Product Industry

    Social Currency for the Building Product Industry

    The concept of “Social Currency” has gained traction as a crucial element in building product company marketing strategies. However, questions remain about its longevity and effectiveness. Is it merely a passing fad or a valuable tool for marketers? This article explores the future of Social Currency and its potential impact on building product marketing.

    Understanding Social Currency

    Social Currency goes beyond traditional rewards programs by emphasizing the interconnectedness between customers and businesses. It focuses on building a community and fostering relationships rather than just facilitating transactions.

    This unique approach makes it a valuable tool for building product marketers seeking to connect with their customers on a deeper level.

    Leading Examples: Starbucks and Beyond

    Starbucks has emerged as a pioneer in leveraging Social Currency. Their Starbucks card enables customers to gift others with a cup of coffee and enjoy personalized service. This exemplifies the power of Social Currency in creating meaningful connections with building product customers.

    Other potential players in this strategy include Apple Music and PayPal, given their user-friendly interfaces and broad user bases.

    Implementing Social Currency Strategies

    Marketers can adopt Social Currency approaches within their rewards programs or create new ones. For instance, building product distributors can collaborate with manufacturers to establish a “Value Card” for dealers and customers, providing rewards for purchases.

    Social media interactions can also contribute to accumulating dollars or points, fostering engagement and enhancing the customer experience.

    Reimagining Financial Transactions

    To remain competitive, businesses must reimagine financial transactions. Every transaction should become an instant social connection, transforming them into communal events among customers. Enhanced value exchanges can be offered at the point of sale, creating a more enriching experience.

    Even B2B transactions can be turned into socially relevant events, strengthening the value relationship between retailers and banking institutions.


    The future of Social Currency holds immense potential for building product marketers. By leveraging its power, companies can forge stronger connections with customers and build a sense of community. As the marketing landscape evolves, businesses should remain open to exploring innovative ways to incorporate Social Currency into their strategies, ultimately enhancing their overall value proposition.


    What is Social Currency?

    Social Currency refers to the interconnectedness between customers and businesses, focusing on building a community alongside transactions.

    Is Social Currency just another rewards program?

    No, Social Currency goes beyond rewards programs by emphasizing relationships and community-building, not just transactions.

    How can building product companies use Social Currency?

    Building product companies can leverage Social Currency to connect with customers, develop customer relationship strategies, and foster engagement.

    Which company is a front-runner in using Social Currency?

    Starbucks is a leading example of utilizing Social Currency through its Starbucks card and personalized services.

    How can marketers incorporate Social Currency in rewards programs?

    Marketers can create value cards, reward purchases, and enable social media interactions to accumulate currency or points.

    How should businesses reimagine financial transactions?

    Businesses should aim to make every transaction an instant social connection, turn transactions into communal events, and enhance value exchanges.

    Can B2B transactions utilize Social Currency?

    Yes, businesses can transform B2B transactions into socially relevant events to strengthen the value relationship between retailers and banking institutions.

    About The Author

    Elton Mayfield

    Elton's career spans media, production, digital and building industry expertise. His diverse experience makes him nimble, innovative, and curious – always pushing the envelope to create extraordinary work that delivers real results for our clients.

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