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    Should Augmented Reality Be Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

    Augmented reality became really popular a few years ago when Pokemon Go came out. It was the first time that an augmented reality game was available and popular. Since then, there have been a lot of advancements in the augmented reality space. People are even watching live sports games from their living room and seeing them as they are there with virtual reality devices. Because of how popular augmented reality has become, is it time for you to add it as part of your digital marketing strategy?

    What Are Some Potential Uses of Augmented Reality?

    Augmented reality is not just reserved for use in apps or for live sporting events. Every business is different but if you get creative, then you can think of the best way to make augmented reality work for yours. You can use it in three main ways including:

    1. Information Overlay – You can add even more to an experience of viewing something by using augmented reality to overlay additional information. An example of this already in the market is a museum adding virtual reality to add in more information about specific pieces of art on display.

    2. Virtual Objects – You can allow people to view virtual objects in reality, much like Pokemon Go did. However, for a business, you could easily allow people to see your available products, such as furniture, in their own home before buying anything.

    3. Digital Packaging – If you want to make your packaging even more fun, you can make it come to life with digital packaging. This is something that Starbucks recently did during the holidays to make their cups come to life.
    How Can Your Digital Marketing Strategy Benefit From Augmented Reality?
    It is not only good to know how you can use augmented reality but it is also good to know how your business can benefit from it so you can better determine if it will be worth your time. These are some of the main ways your business can benefit from it:

    • Increase customer engagement – Even though augmented reality isn’t new, it is still something that really captures engagement because it is not widely used quite yet. You can not only capture the attention of your current customers but you can also get more attention from others just because you are using a new technology.
    • Get more customers and increase brand awareness – When you use something as innovative as augmented reality, you can easily get the attention of others via social media. This will result in an increased brand awareness which will also turn into more customers as a direct result. The more people that are drawn to it, the better your business will benefit from it.

    Augmented reality is not the right choice for every business or company but it may be the right option for yours. Now that you have a basic understanding of what it can look like and how it can benefit your business, you can decide if it is the best thing to add to your existing digital marketing strategy.

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