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    QR Codes and the Building Products Industry

    QR Codes are essential to building product point-of-purchase marketing.

    It seems you can’t open a magazine, receive a direct mail postcard, attend a tradeshow, or walk by POP (Point of Purchase) in any retailer these days without seeing one of these funny QR (quick response) codes. What are they and should they be part of your interactive marketing strategy?

    First, a few facts from a report published by ScanLife:

    • 30 – 40% of all smart phone users have downloaded a bar code scanning application.
    • The largest demographic that has adopted the technology are 25 – 34 year olds, with 35 – 44 year olds close behind.
    • There was a 1,600% increase in mobile bar code scanning in 2010.

    Six things you should know before implementing QR codes:

    1. Know where your audience is and what they need when they encounter your QR code
    2. Suggest a QR reader for your audience to use. There are many but a few include Red Laser, UpCode, QuickMark, ScanLife, or Barcode Scanner
    3. Use an appropriate call to action. Where do you want to take your audience so they can take the next step? Once they land, what do you want them to do?
    4. Create the right landing page – one that is mobile-optimized
    5. Display QR codes on a flat surface. Lots of wearables feature QR codes, but scanning is difficult and can completely defeat the purpose.
    6. Always keep it simple! A QR code is a conversion point in real life. Don’t clutter it up to complicate things.

    Like most technology trends, if the idea or gimmick links to your strategy, then it can be an effective tool. If you are using it to appear “in the know,” it is a complete waste of time.

    QR codes on business cards can be a first step in implementation. A QR code is on each card so when scanned, you automatically capture the contact information on the card. So, it is not for technology sake but for ease of capturing the data quickly and correctly. Happy scanning!

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