Outlets to Reach Out to for Your Public Relations Strategies

In order to be successful with your public relations strategies, you need to have a list of media outlets that you reach out to every time you want to get some of your content out there. It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out with your public relations strategy or if you are established. If you are simply looking to grow your list or need to build it out from scratch, you need to know where you should be reaching out. More specifically, you want to make sure you are hitting the core outlets that will allow you to get your message out there. These are some of the ones that you can start with and build from there.


Newspapers are a classic place to send your press releases. Just because it is print does not mean it will not hit the internet. You should look for contacts in your local area, within your niche, as well as some on the national or even global scale. You may not need all of them each time but they are good to have.

Online News Outlets

While newspapers are a good place to start, they are not the only ones. There are some media outlets that are strictly digital. You want to seek these out and also add them to your list. That way you reach print and digital media outlets through your outreach on every post. Plus, once it gets picked up by one, more will come.

Television News Stations

This is an area that many people forget about but you can have a lot of success here. Television news stations are always looking for a good and new story to feature on the nightly news and you can reach a ton of people that way. They may even ask for the exclusive and make your story a feature.

Radio Stations

Radio is another area that many people forget about but people listen to the radio every day and you can get a ton of reach through this outlet. Look for local stations as well as syndicated ones so you can reach an even broader market with one story. You never know who you will reach this way.

Individual Reporters and Journalists

It is never a good idea to forget about the individual people that you can reach out to. While you may fail trying to get your name out there with bigger groups, you may find success in an influential reporter or journalist that can feature your story on their news outlet. It pays to get to know individuals behind the outlets.
Of course, this is just a lit to get you started. Once you have made contact with someone, you want to further develop that relationship. Doing this will allow you to reach them easier in the future and provide you with better chances of having your story picked up. You also want to do this so you can get in touch with other contacts in the industry for even more success.

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