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    Micro Moments: What They Are and Why They Matter in The Building Industry

    When was the last time you personally hopped on Google to search for a particular item or service provider? If you’re like most people, it probably happened either today or within the last few days.

    But, what caused you to get there? Was there a specific incident or event that served as a catalyst for your search? This is referred to in digital marketing as a micro moment.

    As a company, understanding micro moments and how they relate to your overall digital marketing strategy is important. Here are a few examples of micro moments and how they specifically happen within the construction and building materials industries.

    What Are Micro Moments? Why Are They Important?

    According to Google, a micro moment is that moment in time when someone pulls out an electronic device to look for a solution to a particular problem.

    In the building industry world, this might be instantaneous, like when a spring on a commercial garage door breaks and an auto body shop owner realizes they need a repair professional to come out. Or it could be a bigger micro moment when a young couple finds out they’re expecting their first child and they need someone to build a new home.

    As you can tell, micro moments can happen in a million different ways as it relates to the construction niche. That’s why it is important to identify these so-called “zero moment of truth” events and create marketing campaigns that anticipate and cater to them. By taking the initiative to be in that space when your target customer is looking for what you offer, you can outpace the competition and reach a higher conversion rate.

    5 Micro Moment Marketing Examples

    To fully understand micro moments, let’s look at a few examples. These strategies can all be altered to fit your needs and specific niche within the industry, but they are excellent ways of showing you how easy it is to be ahead of your customer’s needs when they start searching for a solution to a problem.

    How-To or FAQ Guides

    When it all comes down to it, creating content that matches a specific micro moment is an excellent way to always have a high ranking in the SERPs for that event in your ideal customer’s life. An easy way to accomplish this? With how-to or FAQ guides.

    Usually, this would pertain to topics surrounding the repair or replacement of various parts of a home or commercial building. For example, a plumber might write a guide on how to repair a clogged toilet, or a roofer might have a FAQ section on why it is important to mitigate shingle damage after a hail storm.

    The key to making this work comes down to thinking about the first step your customer would make after a particular micro moment and researching the appropriate keywords for what they would commonly search for. Then create your content based on these needs.

    Blog Posts on How Your Company Solves the Issue

    After content guides, the next way you can use content marketing for micro moments to your advantage is to publish blog posts on how your company solves the issue. Maybe your product comes with an extended warranty, or you offer free service calls.

    Depending on the specifics behind the customer’s micro moment and the urgency of the matter, this information could lead to a potential conversion โ€” whether that’s booking an appointment, making an online purchase, or just sending you a message for further details.

    Addressing Future Micro Moments or Fulfilling a Desire

    One of the more overlooked aspects of micro moments is that they can also address future issues of fulfilling a desire. For example, someone looking to learn woodworking might research the best table saws or routers for beginners.

    By offering content that both spotlights your products and teaches them the information they’re looking for about a new hobby, you’re building trust in your brand. The end result is that they’ll likely come back for more advice or bookmark your page for when they’re ready to make a purchase.

    B2B Building Industry Micro Moments

    Not all micro moments are dedicated to consumers, either. In fact, there are tons of opportunities to capitalize on times when other companies and their managers realize they need the goods or services your business provides.

    When Retailers Know They Need New Product

    If your construction or building materials company sells directly to hardware stores or retailers, the ideal micro moment is when these companies know they need a new product. For example, when a competitor in your niche doesn’t perform well or has a widely publicized recall. This can also be the moment in which you’ve released a new or industry-changing item that might outperform with their target customers.

    How Companies Find New Suppliers

    Perhaps you don’t sell directly to retailers but instead offer materials directly to large construction companies. In that case, your micro moment would be the time when they decide they need new suppliers. Your coordinating content could hinge on better pricing, increased availability, or improved warranty periods. While it takes a lot of effort to get to know your customers’ needs, getting input from your sales team and forwarding it to your marketing staff can help.

    Wrap Up: Micro Moments in the Building Industry

    Micro moments happen all the time in the construction world. Whether it is when something breaks or a need is realized does not matter. What does is how your company has prepared for the moment by creating tons of useful and engaging content for your website.

    If you aren’t sure where to start with this process, ER Marketing can help. Please contact us today for further details.

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    Elton's career spans media, production, digital and building industry expertise. His diverse experience makes him nimble, innovative, and curious โ€“ always pushing the envelope to create extraordinary work that delivers real results for our clients.

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