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    Merging Influencer-Driven and Emotional Marketing To Boost Your Marketing Campaign

    Our success as B2B marketers is based on using emotional marketing to focus on our customer’s and potential client’s preferences and needs to capitalize on our brand, product, and market. While emotional marketing is a powerful tool, it needs to be merged with other marketing channels and tactics to be successful.

    With the emergence of social media platforms and influencer marketing as an important trend, to create an effective marketing campaign in 2019 requires pairing emotional marketing with influencer marketing in order to target and connect with our desired audiences better.

    What Is Emotional Marketing?

    Emotional marketing is a marketing approach that is driven by the feelings and values of a target audience by creating a story that will align with their core beliefs. Emotional response affects your potential consumers’ actions and willingness to buy even more than your ads themselves, according to research. By defining your brand’s established values and principles you can better connect with your customers.

    Why Do I Need To Integrate Influencers With My Emotional Marketing?

    Loyalty and advocacy are key to keeping your customers excited about your brand. According to Nielsen research, 92% of consumers trust loyal advocates who rave about your brand — whether friends, family, employees, or social influencers — over other forms of advertising.

    People on social media consider the influencers they follow to be their friend and confidant, and with their support, they’ll see you as their go-to brand. Leveraging influencers in your marketing campaign can pay off big – recent surveys of B2B marketers 92% stated it was effective. By leveraging influencers to represent your brand you can take engage more personally with your customers — especially if the influencer’s interests and intent line up with your client personas.

    How Do I Merge My Emotional Marketing With Influencer-Driven Marketing?

    Once you’ve successfully connected with the right influencers who endorse your service or product, you’ve positioned your brand to emotionally connect with your target audience by humanizing your brand through influencer interactions across multiple channels. Content, whether it be webinars, blog posts, Q&As, or roundtables, can ensure your influencer relationships influence the behavior of your target audience. Incorporate emotional and influencer marketing across all pertinent channels of your content program to align your emotional content marketing with your influencer marketing efforts. Learn to integrate those influencers fully into your content program by using the following tactics:

    Use Twitter chat with influencers to your advantage.Twitter is one of the most direct ways to create a conversation between your brand and influencers, as well as engaging with target audience members who may be listening.

    Invite influencers to participate in events and webinars. Influencers can bring brand awareness through mutual activities.

    Offer guest blog platforms for influencers. The more your brand is associated with specific influencers, the more likely that their fans will become emotionally invested in your brand.  Challenge influencers to committing to a blog series, and consider paying them for a long-term relationship.

    Post live video/podcasts with influencers. Nothing says promotes of states “I believe in your brand” more than a holding a live conversation or interview with influencers on your brand’s social channels. Plus, they are 1,200 times more likely to be shared than your ads or images.

    Learning how to seamlessly combine your emotional and influencer marketing campaigns can involve a learning curve, but both strategies can become incredible resources, and they’re more powerful when combined.

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    Stay In-the-Know with Our Quarterly Printed Magazine, Navigate the Channel.

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