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    8 B2B Marketing Tactics that will Support Your Long-Term Marketing Goals

    As you plan your marketing strategy for long-term goals, it’s important to consider all the tactics that will support them. Marketing channels and tactics for them are constantly changing, so here is a refresher to make sure you haven’t left anything out. Here are the top 8 best B2B marketing tactics that you can add to your list to stay abreast of the competition.

    1. Avoid Clickbait

    Raising false expectations using a clickbait-type strategy is very disappointing for your users. In fact, using clickbait or similar exaggerated techniques are sure to drive away customers. Being honest with your audience is a better tactic and promotes trust in your customer interactions. Most buyers just don’t have time to waste on low value content.

    2. Integrate Channels

    Your B2B marketing strategy involves more than one channel which may include:

    • Email marketing
    • Social media marketing
    • Content marketing
    • Search engine optimization
    • Webinars
    • Podcasts

    While each of these channels works well individually, cross-marketing using two or more channels will get you even better results. One example of this tactic is to use content marketing to invite customers to follow your podcast or join your email list. Marketing across several channels intensifies the effect, creating a more powerful interaction between you and your customers.

    3. Interact with Your Online Community

    The internet gives B2B companies many opportunities to interact directly with customers or prospects. Whether you focus your time on LinkedIn groups, FB pages and groups, or other channels, use these tools to respond to questions and create a community forum. Direct interaction is a win-win scenario because you can get to know customers more intimately, while they can reap the benefits of quick answers and direct help.

    You also have to opportunity to brand your interactive community depending on which channel you’re using. Upload your logo, company information, colors and videos and images that will interest your community.

    4. Use Facebook Live

    Facebook Live and similar channels give your community the chance to see you in real life, even though these are often after-the-fact recorded messages. Video is a hugely popular viewing channel for a wide demographic, and can easily be viewed with the smallest of mobile devices. Customers appreciate seeing you in person because it makes the internet connection more “real” to them. It’s the next-best-thing to face-to-face. You can use live videos for education, interviews and fun.

    5. Mobile Marketing

    Most B2B companies are already using mobile marketing since mobile search has leap-frogged desktop search. However, it’s important to maximize your content for ease-of-use on mobile. You can test your content by looking at it on your own smartphone to see if it’s easily viewed in that size. Look for other ways to increase mobile interaction including local search, image and video content and creating your own podcast.

    6. Referral Program

    You can increase your prospect base through a referral program that offers existing customers a reward for referring other B2B companies to you. These types of programs make existing customers happy because they earn a reward, and offer a built-in testimonial to new prospects.

    7. Niche Marketing

    Niche marketing is just as it sounds, marketing to a niche audience. A niche audience has specific and special needs that you can address that are distinct to them. This type of focused marketing offers a better ROI because you get to know your audience inside and out. Starting with fully developed buyer personas will help you reach this audience.

    8. Personalization

    Personalization is easily achievable with marketing automation programs. Instead of sending out marketing to “customer,” you can engage your individual prospects by name and group. Segmenting customer lists into smaller groups will give you the opportunity to fine-tune marketing campaigns to appeal to specific demographics, regions or interests.

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