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    product marketing collateral for dealers

    Manufacture Success: Product Marketing Collateral for Dealers

    As a building materials manufacturer, you know that your success hinges on how well your dealers work to get people to buy your product.

    In a perfect world, you would just ship them items, and they would be ready to sell them directly to the consumer without any additional assistance from your company. But this is very rarely a process that happens in such an ideal fashion. Almost always, the dealer needs some sort of marketing material to help promote your brand or product line.

    This is where your company should spend considerable time deciding which pieces are best for your particular needs. In fact, it is one of the more critical aspects of working with retailers in this type of capacity.

    Here’s what you need to know about product marketing collateral for dealers and why it is so important to your building materials business.

    What Is Product Marketing Collateral?

    Product marketing collateral is simply the items you provide to a dealer or retail store to help promote your product. These items can range from simple spec sheets to more in-depth product displays, samples, and whatever else your sales team comes up with to convey how great your brand really is.

    The important part to remember about product marketing material is that it must meet any dealer or retailer guidelines. Generally, this can be found in their marketing kit or other brochure and includes elements like display sizing, materials, types of items, etc.

    Having quality sales aides help ensure those who promote your product have exactly the right information necessary to convert more sales and increase customer demand.

    Why Is Marketing Collateral Important?

    That said, it is essential to realize why marketing collateral is so vital for your building materials business.

    These materials help ensure that the end consumer knows the benefits of choosing your product over that of a competitor, and it helps give them a clear understanding of why this is a wise choice.

    In addition, marketing materials also help convey information about products that the end user may or may not physically see or touch until long after they’re installed by a contractor.

    Finally, marketing collateral works as a training tool for dealers and retailers. When you offer items like brochures and sample boards, you’re giving their sales reps further details on the benefits of your product and brand. In the end, this makes it far easier for them to do their job when they know more about what you’re offering and why it is valuable.

    Types of Marketing Collateral

    So, what types of promotional items should you send to dealers to help with the sales process? Consider these types of marketing materials you can use to help dealers promote your products or services.


    When it comes to brick-and-mortar sales, displays are crucial. Why? They give buyers the chance to see items in person and make decisions based on the different elements or items they include.

    Displays can range from a cardboard setup that holds products to more in-depth boards that include tons of information or sample products for viewing. Depending on the price point or size of your building materials products, this might also include free samples.

    Brochures & Product Cards

    If your item is large or has numerous variations, brochures or product cards are an excellent way to support your dealers. These marketing materials are great for times when there’s a varying number of options available for a specific item, like color or finish.

    Brochures are also highly portable, meaning the end customer can take one home and use it to help make a decision later or hold a discussion with their spouse.

    Product Comparison Sheets

    Another option for creating marketing tools for your dealers is product comparison sheets. In some building materials niches, the competition is tough. When the end consumer can see where your product relates to other big names in the market, they can clearly understand the value your company provides.

    For in-house comparison sheets, dealers can train staff to help overcome objections from the information you’ve given them, too.

    Sample Boards

    If it is possible for the type of product or service you offer, it might be a good idea to create a few sample boards. For example, if you sell cabinet fixtures, you might create a board that shows your top options. Paint brands regularly do this with colors, too.

    Sample boards are great because they really give the end-user a way to see what they’re getting without the dealer or retailer having to open a package to show them. In the end, this can help lower returns and improve overall customer satisfaction with the product.

    Digital Assets

    When it comes to helping dealers believe in your product and support it, you can also use digital assets. While websites and social media pages are great, taking things a bit further by creating interactive options is better.

    For example, you could make it so that the end customer can scan a QR code and immediately pull up a product information video on their smartphone. You could use a similar setup to show an image gallery of products or special order options.

    There are many possibilities here, but the main takeaway is the pairing of digital and in-person presentation. Giving dealers an option to provide more information to the customer standing in their store through media you’ve created is key.

    Wrap Up: Building a Better Relationship With Dealers

    Improving your relationship with dealers means giving them the tools they need to sell your building products more effectively. By using the methods we’ve mentioned and other similar marketing materials, you can ensure the end consumer gets the information necessary for the sale and makes the sales process much easier for retailers.

    Are you ready to learn more about how to manufacture better success for your building materials company this year? Please contact our team at ER Marketing today for details.

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