Intentional Social Media Targeting Can Improve Your Reputation and Your Bottom Line

Running a business is hard, regardless of what type of business you run. Not only do you have to create or otherwise acquire your product or service,  but you also need to make sure that the right people know about it.  Chances are, you have already been told you need to be on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in order to stay connected, but doing so goes much further than just creating accounts on social media platforms. You have to be intentionally active with both your customers or clients as well as your employees.

Managing Social Media’s Effect Your Business’s Reputation

Businesses tend to encourage their clients and customers to follow them on Social Media, as they should, but what do they see once they get there? Is it merely a sounding board to sing their own praises or is it a place that invites dialogue and addresses legitimate concerns? No matter what you are selling in your business, you also need to sell it with a side of your brand. A brand that hopefully brings about positive thoughts and words to anyone who is involved. The more positivity, laced in realism you can present to the world, the more you will gain a positive reputation for your brand, and the more you will be able to obtain success.

Decide on, and commit to your company’s core values, and make sure those values are in line with your customers and other social media followers. By embracing a social conscience, you build up positivity for your brand and draw more people to you whether they are ready to become fully engaged in your product or service or not.

Engage in Specific Social Media Targeting

  • Use keywords and hashtags that generate with your prospective customers or clients. Think like the type of client or customer you want to attract and use words that they will likely use in search engines.
  • Make sure content is properly optimized for various mobile devices. Having things look right can go a long way toward engagement.
  • Fine tune your advertising data to specific demographics. Sometimes it is good to feel regional or local even when you are ultimately looking to reach a wider audience because it brings a more personal feel to your business.

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