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    Importance of Integrating a Chatbot in Conversion Strategy

    Businesses use strategy to impact all areas of the organization; from strategies that grow brand awareness at the top of the funnel to strategies that help drive conversion at the end of the buyer’s journey, businesses are constantly balancing their efforts to ensure that they’ve effectively touched on the strategies that support the most critical parts of their business.

    Businesses who’ve adopted chatbots have seen an impact in several areas of their business, from customer service to analytics. While some businesses started out with using chatbots as a way to provide more consistent service to customers and stay more available to their audience, chatbot business integration has become increasingly important in a successful conversion strategy. In fact, some businesses see a chatbot conversion rate up to 3x more than the average 2% conversion rate of non-optimized websites. Here are some ways that chatbots contribute to a higher conversion rate.

    The importance of integrating a chatbot in a conversion strategy

    There are several methods that a business can use to use chatbots to successfully drive conversions.

    1. Integrating with other tools

    Using a chatbot on your website can be powerful, but chatbots can also be built to run in other messenger platforms, like Facebook. If you’re looking to increase conversion rates, it’s possible that increasing customer interactions and meeting them in spaces they’re already engaging with brands – like on Facebook – can grow your successful conversions.

    2. Engaging in local languages

    Chatbots can be programmed to engage in customer conversations in different languages. This is a huge benefit for businesses that are operating internationally. Not only does it offer customers options, which empowers most consumers, but it also gives many of them an easier way of engaging with your brand. With more options and greater accessibility through native language capabilities, brands can capture a larger conversion rate.

    3. Using the right engagement methods

    According to Martech Series, the context and content of the conversation that a chatbot offers will have a big impact on conversion. This sounds like common sense – of course, the chat part of the chatbot will have a significant role to play. But what that role is will vary with every business and their goals. Martech Series notes, “By positioning your chatbot on different pages at the right locations, you can engage your visitors with personalized suggestions and offers while they are viewing items on your site. For example, if a user is looking for shoes on your website, the bot could ask relevant questions to learn more about their preferences while they are browsing.” […]

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