Impact of E-mail for Building Products Industry

People connect with brands they trust!

A recent DMA report found, “People are happy to connect with brands they trust, but they’re increasingly selective about which ones they link up with!”  Findings also show:

  1. 61% subscribe to e-mails from 10 or fewer brands
  2. The number of people who find 50% of their e-mails relevant or interesting has rocketed from 9% to 30%.


So, what motivates a consumer to sign-up for a brand’s e-mail?

  1. 65% responded “To Receive Offers or Sales”
  2. 61% responded “Discounts”
  3. Only 21% responded “Exclusive Content”

This would raise the question, is the customer Brand Loyal or Discount Loyal?

Another interesting fact, which industry sectors do you think do e-mail well?

  1. 56% responded “online retailers”
  2. 49% responded “supermarkets”
  3. 43% responded “high street retailers”

These numbers should be reviewed thoroughly as more consumers are found to sign-up for the identified categories at a higher rate than say insurance companies.

When a customer receives an interesting e-mail, what is the most common action?

  1. 64% – Click-through to the company website via the e-mail
  2. 22% – Go to the company website via another route
  3. 56% – Go to the company website directly
  4. 53% – Save the e-mail as reference for another date
  5. 45% – Bear the information for a later date
  6. Only 2% stated they would call the company directly

An interesting fact, a large number of responses does not use the information immediately and do not click-through the e-mail.

A common occurrence is for e-mail marketers to judge the success of a campaign over the first 12 to 24 hours, evaluating delivery, open-rate and click-through-rate.  However, the above statistics clearly indicate that 

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