Ideal Trade Show Timeline

In order to have a successful trade show, you need to start with a timeline. Doing so helps to ensure that everything that is necessary for success is completed in a timely manner. It’s important to remember that the timeline noted below is for general purposes only. Sometimes you might not have the same amount of time specified but that can be addressed. Being organized gives you a place to start preparing.

One Year Out

A good place to start planning is with your strategy. Start developing that about a year before you plan to attend the trade show. Determine the role that your company’s booth at the exhibit will have based on this strategy. Take a careful assessment of your company’s design needs and draw up a budget.

Nine Months Out

When your strategy and budget have received the okay by your company, it’s time to identify the goals of your trade show appearance and how best to meet them. Starting about nine months before the trade show, hammer out the elements that you want to include in your trade show booth. Some areas to focus on include signage like banners and illuminated visuals, booth accessories, and marketing materials.

Six Months Out

Now is the time to start finalizing the details of your trade show appearance. You’ll want to write out your sales message. Make the final determination of your booth’s layout, lighting, graphics, and other design elements.

Three Months Out

With only three months until the date of the trade show put in your order for marketing and promotional materials. Make sure to touch base with the company in charge of the logistics for your booth. Confirm the time, location, and mode of travel for getting your trade show exhibit to the event at the appropriate time.

Two Months Out 

Now is the time to ramp up your marketing focus for the trade show. Meet with staff to ensure that they are trained properly for the event. Confirm that the delivery of all your trade show elements is on schedule. Be sure to contract with a reputable company for services such as floor accessories, installation, furniture, break down, and more.

Attending a trade show is all about delivering results. ER Marketing is here to help you achieve your trade show objectives with fresh, engaging and attention-grabbing design elements that put your company on the map. Ready to learn more? Contact us today!

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