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    Humanizing B2B Marketing in 2020

    In a recent survey by Folloze, 42 percent of B2B marketing teams admitted that their marketing campaigns aren’t completely personalized. This isn’t because marketers don’t know how important personalization is for marketing. Most marketers believe that customer relationships improve when marketing is personalized.

    Marketing Personalization for B2B

    B2B business owners can leverage the influence of personalization to become more competitive in your industry. More than half of all B2B marketers haven’t personalized their own marketing efforts fully according to the survey.

    Being a B2B small business owner yourself, you can leverage the power of personalization to get an edge over your competitors as more than half of B2B marketers have yet to fully personalize their marketing efforts, as the survey finds. Personalized marketing strategies will definitely boost your sales.

    Personalizing B2B Marketing

    Customers, especially B2B customers, research their needs and possible solutions before making a decision on what to purchase. Many B2B purchases are complex due to the product, size of the company, or needing to solve more than one problem at the same time. Therefore, a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy won’t return as good of results as a personalized approach. Most B2B customers need detailed information before they can approve a vendor and/or product.

    The survey found that 77 percent of B2B marketing professionals believe that better customer relationships are built on humanizing the process with personalization. Indeed, 55 percent have seen higher growth and conversion rates by using personalization. Even so, 42 percent of marketing professionals do not successfully apply personalization in their marketing strategies.

    B2B Marketing Metrics

    • 60 percent of B2B marketers don’t employ machine learning or AI to increase personalization
    • 21 percent of B2B marketers don’t collect data from customers to personalize content marketing

    How to Personalize Your Marketing

    Personalized marketing will help ensure success in highly competitive B2B markets. Adopting personalized marketing will help grow your company’s sales.

    Getting Started

    To add personalization to your marketing, start with these initial steps:

    • Personalize all content
    • Consider implementing Account-Based Marketing
    • Use machine learning and AI to improve your marketing plans
    • Target digital ads to a specific audience
    • Improve personalization by collecting customer data
    • Begin to offer personalized solutions

    Unique Features of B2B Marketing

    Because B2B marketing is data driven, you should collect customer information with a goal of personalizing your marketing. The better you understand your customer, the easier it will be to find a customized solution for them. Combining this customization with Account-Based Marketing offers a leg up on your competition.

    Humanizing Your Marketing

    It helps to remember that B2B buyers are individuals that you can connect to for better interactions. Take the time to understand not only the business, but the buyer as well. Listen to what motivates them and you will discover how you can personalize marketing messages tailored to the buyer. Using a conversational approach, align your marketing message to personally appeal to the buyer.

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    Stay In-the-Know with Our Quarterly Printed Magazine, Navigate the Channel.

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