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    How Will New Privacy Regulations Affect You?

    How Will New Data Privacy Regulations Affect You?

    New data privacy laws around the world are going to affect North American business more than ever, and savvy executives are taking note. In a globalized economy that is more co-dependent with each passing business cycle, companies cannot afford to ignore any regulation based solely on the geographic location of its inception.

    The European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are set to limit a number of actions that businesses normally take when addressing prospects. The most important of these is the “right to be forgotten,” or the right of the prospect to request that a business delete all information. EU countries face additional limitations, but the right to be forgotten will affect companies around the world doing business with EU countries.

    If your outreach relies on email blasts that are not opt in, you should change your strategy immediately. You should also create measures to prove that you have deleted records from customers who have requested to be forgotten. It is much easier to accommodate this request that deal with the huge penalties that could become a part of your life very quickly if you ignore it.

    North American Copycat Lawmakers

    Lawmakers in North America are watching the new regulations from the EU closely. Experts have stated that the EU regulations took inspiration from Canadian law. You can bet that the international data community, which is becoming a larger political block by the year, will put pressure on North American lawmakers to protect their interests should the EU laws turn out to be successful.

    Enforcement Across Borders

    North American businesses have a legitimate question concerning data privacy regulations from the EU – how can they punish me even if I get out of compliance? Great question, and the answer is exactly why EU regulations apply to you in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

    Data protection agencies reach across country lines in the European Union. They also reach across continental lines. For example – as an America business person, if you purposefully eschew the laws just passed in the EU, you will likely be facing American regulators, not EU regulators. If your company has customers across borders, you will find your business thwarted until you pay the massive fines levied by the new regulations. If you do not, you will still have US regulators in your inbox and mailbox, because they must protect the precedent being set for the international business community.

    If you are located in North America and you thought that data privacy issues around the world weren’t your problem, think again. Non-compliance may cost you the ability to expand your business into emerging markets and established populations across seas, and that will definitely not sell well at the next board meeting.

    As a business in the US (or anywhere else), do not ignore the regulations that are being passed in the EU and the ones that have been passed in Canada (the Canada Anti-Spam Law). You may not think that international law can reach you. Nothing is further from the truth.


    How will new data privacy laws affect North American businesses?

    New data privacy laws worldwide will have a significant impact on North American businesses, requiring them to comply with regulations beyond their geographic borders.

    What is the “right to be forgotten” in the context of GDPR?

    The “right to be forgotten” allows individuals to request the deletion of their personal information held by businesses, which will affect companies globally doing business with EU countries.

    What should I do if my outreach relies on non-opt-in email blasts?

    If your outreach relies on non-opt-in email blasts, change your strategy immediately and implement measures to delete records of customers who request to be forgotten to avoid potential penalties.

    Why should North American lawmakers be concerned about EU data regulations?

    EU data regulations, inspired by Canadian law, may lead to international pressure on North American lawmakers to protect their interests, as the global data community becomes more politically influential.

    How can EU data privacy regulations impact North American businesses?

    EU data protection agencies can enforce regulations on North American businesses, even if they are based in the United States, Mexico, or Canada, leading to penalties and regulatory actions.

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