How To Spice Up Your Social Media B2B Marketing

Is your B2B strategy performing the way you expect it to? Is it giving you the results you want and need? In order to keep up with the competition, you need to constantly grow your team’s strength and define your brand. Modern marketing is constantly expanding, and your audience will change, requiring new marketing strategies and tactics. To stay on top of your game, you need to spice up your social media marketing.

Break Away From Boring

Being a B2B enterprise doesn’t mean your content or attitude has to be ho-hum. You’re selling to a person, not a company, so making an emotional connection with your potential buyers is important. An exciting way to make emotional connections is through video content. Use video to tell a story that highlights each benefit. Look for creative methods of presentation, such as animation, timelapse, and diaries. Users love watching live video, so you could engage them up to three times longer by producing a show on Facebook Live or YouTube. Add another level of engagement by taking live questions from fans.

Spark Discussions with Influencers

Targeting the right people is key in B2B marketing, and influencers are the people who know all the right people. People value the opinions of other customers no matter what the product or service, and influencers are adept at explaining the benefits of services or products in an intimate, personal, yet non-salesy manner. Enlist influencers to show the benefits of your product or service through a review, by producing content for your social channels, or by sparking discussion on social media. Influencers can be internet personalities that you provide the product or service to, or they can be your own employees. After all, who knows your company better than they do?

Target Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been proven to be the most effective of all the major social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Upwards of 80% of leads come from LinkedIn, meaning that all other social platformed combined provide 20% of leads. It makes sense to go where the leads are. B2B companies are finding success on LinkedIn by using sponsored InMail to invite prospects to webinars, posting white papers on Dynamic Ads to reach high-level decision makers. B2B companies also employ creative LinkedIn ad campaigns to target their industry-specific audiences. There are multiple strategies that will work for your business. Test multiple approaches, measure their performance and then optimize them accordingly.

Always Attribute

When it comes to leads, do you know how many come in from each of your social platforms, and which of those are better at converting to buyers? Attribution helps you narrow your focus. For example, a prospective client or partner may hear from you from a third-party website. Then they look at your website but doesn’t return to your site for days. They are interested in what others think and turn to Google searches or online reviews. If satisfied, they order your catalog or visit your site. They then place an order. These are called touch points, and knowing which of these are the most successful at turning leads into sales will help you boost your conversion rates.

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