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    How B2B is Using AI


    The commercial world has yet to give artificial intelligence (AI) the attention that it deserves. This is no reason for you to hold off on its study or implementation – AI is about to change the B2B world as we know it forever.

    Below are just a few of the reasons that you should look into this burgeoning concept before it becomes the norm.

    AI Gives More Effective Insights

    There are some aspects of marketing that require a human touch, such as handling unique customer service problems. There are other aspects that are handled much better through computers, including data collection, trend analysis and certain customer acquisition tactics. One of the best uses of AI is anticipating the needs of new customers.

    Prospects are constantly leaving bread crumb trails of their behaviors everywhere, especially on social media. One may think that collecting and analyzing data on social media is a strictly human endeavor. In reality, the opposite is true. Predictive analysis is actually a discipline that is handled more accurately through AI. Technology has improved to the point that AI can tell the difference between a positive and negative comment. AI can interpret the connotations of words and connect those connotations to a prospect’s behavior. Because it can collect more information than a human, it has more data to analyze. AI also relieves your analysis of the personal biases that humans bring to the process.

    AI Creates More Room for Specialization

    Prospecting from trend analysis is a tedious job that no one goes to college for. Why not let the AI handle the entry level data collection and input functions, leaving your human capital available for more creative pursuits? You save both time and morale, which eventually leads to saving a great deal of money.

    Successful salespeople need to specialize, and they need time to specialize. It is also easier for your people to sell if you empower your sales team with information that basically puts them in the middle of the sales funnel rather than cold calling all day. You also protect your company against employee turnover. If your AI holds prospect data, then it does not leave when an individual leaves. Your sales are no longer contingent on the individuals that you employ, which is a great advantage to have.

    Deeper Learning

    Believe it or not, you can actually meet your prospects at a deeper level by letting AI do its job. Machine learning tech speeds up the creation of your buyer personas as well as your data sorting/cleaning functions. Your human capital should be spent on learning the individual nuances within the segments that your AI sorts for you.

    Each of your prospects is unique, but you might be surprised at the trends that you can uncover with a bit of unbiased AI. With machine learning technology, you also improve the intelligence of your AI as it collects data for you.

    80% of your competitors are expecting to incorporate AI into their marketing by 2020, according to Demandbase. Are you prepared to keep up? Ensure the longevity of your company by creating room in your marketing for AI today rather than later. As a matter of fact, start today and get ahead of the curve.

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