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    google business profile for contractors what you need to know

    Google Business Profile for Contractors: What You Need to Know

    If you’ve Googled “Google My Business” (see what we did there?), it’s probably because you’ve seen or heard of its value—particularly to local businesses—in a geographical area and want to know more about how it’s used. You may also have learned that, in 2022, Google My Business was renamed Google Business Profile.

    Since 2014, when the tool was launched, Google has integrated GBP listings as much as possible into search results, particularly on mobile searches and local searches. As a contractor who depends on local connections to thrive, using the Google Business Profile tool is a smart move.

    What is Google Business Profile?

    Many businesses create a Google business listing, aka their Business Profile, to increase visibility on the commonly-used search engine and easily connect to current or potential customers. The Google Business Profile tool enables business owners to create, manage and optimize their business summary within the all-important business directory listing on Google. (The only requirement for using it is that a business must have some face-to-face interaction with its customers, so 100% online companies and service providers are excluded.)

    Engage with customers and receive valuable reviews on your Google Business Profile.

    Part of how contractors and other service providers edit and control their presence is by allowing local search, but also including maps, reviews, logos, contact details, hours of operation, licensure and identifiers that contractors and service companies might want to highlight, such as veteran-owned.

    Direct messages can be sent through Google Business Profile, including answers to FAQs.  Business owners can also post updates or include photos, which is particularly rewarding for contractors, as people like to see the people with whom they will do business. GMB is a good way to show a business as a professional organization, all while highlighting the easiest contact information and methods.

    Why Reviews are Critical for Building Material Manufacturers

    Google has altered other things since the inception of Google Business Profile, so it might be helpful to know all the other things that have changed.

    What are the Steps to  Create a Google Business Profile?

    Create a listing, by logging into the Google account associated with the business, or create it if it’s not already established.

    Customize your Google Business Profile with your logo and branding to stand out from the competition.

    Claim the profile. Once the listing is established, click to claim the business. There’s a prompt that says, “Claim This Business,” “Own This Business?” or “Manage This Business.” Click on it to start the claiming and verification process.

    Add the business address. Input the physical address of your contracting or service company. You do have the option to hide this and can select whether you’re a brick-and-mortar location or a service business.

    Select a business category. Select whether you’re a commercial construction firm, residential construction company, or whatever else makes sense for your specific business. According to a recent article in Forbes, this step is key.

    Highlight your services and specialties in the descriptions on your Google Business Profile.

    “One of the most important pieces of information on your profile is your business category, especially your primary category. Google offers over 3,000 categories to choose from and adds new ones regularly. Lists like this one can show you what’s available and will report recently added categories,” according to the Forbes article. “If you’re unsure of what to use, try searching for terms you want to place well for, and see what categories your competitors in the map section are using.”

    Choose what to show customers. It’s a good idea to include your website address, Facebook page, phone number, social media links, or any other details about your construction company you think are relevant.

    Submit and wait to verify. Google requires that all companies verify that they’re at the physical location they’re claiming. It offers verification via postcard,  phone, email—or instant and bulk verification.

    If a business is eligible for verification other than by post, Google will offer the “Verify by phone” option or “Verify by email” option when the verification process starts. Those businesses that have already verified themselves with Google Search Console (a free tool that allows management of a website’s search performance and health), may be able to instantly verify. If a business operates more than 10 locations for the same business and is not a service business or an agency managing locations for multiple businesses, the business might be eligible for bulk verification.

    If a business must go the snail-mail route, Google sends you a card in the mail in about five days that will have a special code. Follow the directions on the code to finish the process, which will involve logging into Google Business Profile and selecting “Verify now.”

    Or you can always follow the steps provided by Google.

    After verifying, make sure your contracting or service company profiles are optimized. Double-check your contact details. Ask for reviews. Respond to (potential!) customers’ questions. Add products. Add photos (personalize as much as comfortably possible).

    Google suggests three photos of the outside of your business from different angles. Ditto for interior photos, but Google recommends only one photo for any product.  If photos of your employees, particularly working with satisfied customers, are available, add them. You can also add videos, according to Google. Videos must be 30 seconds or shorter, 100 MB or smaller in size and 720p resolution or higher.

    When specifying what services the business offers, add descriptions of the services. Also include what services aren’t offered. If your contracting company specializes in residential work, but not commercial—or vice versa—that can be made clear. If it operates only in one section of a tri-state or bi-state area, make that clear.

    The Benefits of Using Google Business Profile for Contractors

    The benefits of Google Business Profile for contractors are numerous:

    • Adding a listing is a good way to boost local search engine optimization (SEO) and ensure a business gets seen by people in a local or regional area.
    • GBP gives users the ability to get contact information quickly. If they need to call you or get in touch for an estimate, having phone, email or text info at the top of the page (and highlighted) is invaluable.
    • Establishing a GBP gives your construction company a professional edge. Consumers and B2B customers, overall, prefer to deal with organizations that take the time to portray an honest image and offer online transparency. By claiming a GBP, a business makes it known that it cares and takes its digital footprint and online presence seriously.
    Google Business Profile is a valuable tool for contractors to establish a professional online presence.

    Multiple Locations and GBF

    Construction companies with multiple locations throughout the U.S. or within a particular region will want a GBP listing for each physical office and service area, which expands a company’s exposure across all areas in which it operates.

    (If a customer looks for a contractor in one city, the Google Business Profile listing will show up at the top of the search profile, which wouldn’t happen with a GBP profile only for the company headquarters hundreds of miles away.)

    If you’re ready to learn more about all things digital marketing for your construction company, call or email. We’d love to start a conversation.


    What is Google Business Profile?

    Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business, is a tool that allows businesses to create and manage their business listing on Google, increasing visibility and facilitating connections with customers.

    How do I create a Google Business Profile?

    To create a Google Business Profile, log in to the Google account associated with your business, claim the business listing, add the business address, select a business category, provide relevant details, and complete the verification process.

    What can I include in my Google Business Profile?

    You can include your website address, phone number, social media links, photos, videos, hours of operation, business category, and descriptions of services offered.

    How does Google Business Profile benefit contractors?

    Google Business Profile enhances local search engine optimization (SEO), provides quick access to contact information, and gives contractors a professional image, showcasing their digital presence and transparency.

    Can businesses with multiple locations have separate Google Business Profile listings?

    Yes, businesses with multiple locations can create separate Google Business Profile listings for each physical office or service area, expanding their exposure and improving local search visibility.

    How can customers contact businesses through Google Business Profile?

    Customers can contact businesses through direct messages, phone calls, emails, or text messages, as the contact information is prominently displayed on the profile.

    How long does the verification process take for Google Business Profile?

    The verification process for Google Business Profile can vary depending on the verification method chosen. It can range from instant verification for some businesses to receiving a postcard by mail that includes a special code for verification.

    Can contractors receive reviews on their Google Business Profile?

    Yes, customers can leave reviews on a contractor’s Google Business Profile, providing valuable feedback and influencing the reputation of the business.

    Can contractors customize their Google Business Profile with logos and branding?

    Yes, contractors can personalize their Google Business Profile by adding logos, photos of their work, and videos to showcase their brand and services.

    Are 100% online companies eligible to use Google Business Profile?

    No, Google Business Profile is designed for businesses that have face-to-face interactions with customers, so 100% online companies and service providers are excluded from using it.

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