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    The Merits of Email Marketing Automation for Building Material Manufacturers

    Can you imagine typing out lengthy emails to each and every person who joins your company’s mailing list?  It is hard to believe this is exactly what some businesses did prior to the rise of email marketing automation.  Email automation for building manufacturers is making it that much easier to connect with both current and prospective clients.  Even if the messages sent through email marketing automation do not convert prospects into paying clients and convince current clients to return for additional business, they are still worth sending.  After all, these messages keep your business fresh in clients’ minds, maximizing the chances that they will choose your company over competitors down the line. The occasional email message that pops up in a client or prospect’s inbox prevents an “out of sight, out of mind” scenario in which target clients choose a competitor who is comparably prominent in regard to marketing and advertising. 

    An Explanation of Email Marketing Automation

    Email marketing automation is exactly as it sounds and can play an essential role in your digital marketing strategy as a building material manufacturer. Instead of typing out one email message after another, it is better to rely on tech to do the work for you.  Email marketing automation relies on software to craft emails personalized to individual clients and prospects then transmit those messages at specific times with the overarching goal of improving relationships and subsequent sales.  The bottom line is it simply no longer makes sense to type email messages and send them to individual clients and prospects when technology can do the work for you.

    Enhance Marketing Efficiency

    Time equates to money.  Opt for email marketing automation and you will maximize the efficiency of your marketing and communications.  This is your opportunity to automate the creation and transmission of email messages, ultimately freeing up time for the rest of your team to focus on what they do best.  Email marketing software sets the stage for businesses to formulate several campaigns to send emails tailored to specific clients including their nuanced schedules.  In fact, automated email marketing for home builders even empowers you to establish automatic responders to better follow-up on messages.  This technology has reached the point where it can automate messages for a litany of social media channels to boot.  In short, email marketing automation empowers your business to connect with the targeted party at a specific moment in time with an artfully crafted and personalized email message that makes a meaningful impact.

    Reduce Your Overhead Costs

    Depending on the types of marketing efforts you are executing, such as paid ads, oftentimes you are paying per click or placement. While paid media such retargeting ads can be extremely effective to engage those who have shown interest in your site, email might be an untapped avenue for your company. Email marketing automation is quite minimal both in terms of cost and the investment of time, effort and personnel.  Email services are not always free, yet they are a cost-effective means of connecting with target clients in the building material manufacturers space. With an effective lead tracking strategy, you may realize that your target audience is more likely to convert via email nurturing. If the result is a higher ROI, this could allow your business to cut costs in less effective areas.

    Remain in Contact with Customers

    Email marketing automation software makes it that much easier for businesses to create and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with clients.  Send an automated email marketing message once per month or at another schedule and your business will remain within the customer’s sphere of influence, greatly increasing the chances that they will choose your business when they need your value offering.  Furthermore, automated email marketing messages sent to those who sign up for your email list will keep prospects in the loop, hiking the chances that they will convert into paying customers.  Whether you want to implement re-engagement campaigns in the event that subscribers are choosing your competitors, transmit exclusive offers to specific clients or automate feedback requests, you can do it with email marketing automation.  Each of these methods serves a specific purpose yet all of them reinforce your overarching strategy of improving your company’s relationships with customers, boosting their lifetime value all the more.

    Send More Relevant Emails

    No one wants to open a generic form letter created with the same template used to send hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of similar messages to other clients.  Opt for email marketing automation and the software will help you plan your company’s email workflows, guaranteeing each message is relevant to the party in question.  The alternative is to send the same email messages to every single client in spite of the fact that clients desire messages specifically relevant to them and their own unique needs.

    Personalize Your Messages

    The transmission of email marketing messages in an automated manner must be tailored to each individual recipient.  As an example, instead of opening the email with something similar to “Hello Everyone,”, an automated email marketing message will start out with a comparably personalized message such as: “Hi Steven.”

    Email marketing automation has advanced to the point that it can implement additional personalized information ranging from the recipient’s employer to his or her location and so on.  Implement these personalized features in your email marketing automation projects and your company’s relationship with those on your email subscription list really will become that much stronger.  If you are questioning whether adding such a personal touch actually matters, consider the fact that personalization hikes both email message open rates as well as the click-throughs of those messages.

    Email Marketing Automation Might be the Missing Piece to Your Marketing Plan

    If your building materials business is not yet sending automated email marketing messages to current clients and prospects, it is time to start.  Even if your automated email marketing campaign does not generate immediate results, it can pay massive dividends in long term. Building your email list and investing the little bit of time necessary to perfect your automated email marketing campaigns can make a lasting impact. You will find this high-tech approach to client communication can not only make a difference on your bottom line but can improve prospect and existing client relations.

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    Elton Mayfield

    Elton's career spans media, production, digital and building industry expertise. His diverse experience makes him nimble, innovative, and curious – always pushing the envelope to create extraordinary work that delivers real results for our clients.

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