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    Don't Forget the Conversation!

    When you’re thinking about ways to marketing your firm, one of the ideas you may have is conversational marketing. It may not be the hot, trending buzzword it once was, but conversational marketing is a vital way to build your brand’s visibility, influence customers and grow within your industry. Why? Consider these four reasons why conversation-based marketing should NOT be pushed to the side in favor of the newest way of getting your name out there.

    • There Are More Conversations to Have – Social media has disrupted the world of marketing, making it incredibly simple to have those conversations with customers, gather information and intelligence and get your name out there. Because of social media, companies that may have found it too expensive or daunting to open the lines of communication are able to do so using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the like.
    • Customers are Used to Personalized Experiences – Because of the growth in technology, such as cookies, customers are used to being greeted by name, having a website remember the last order and knowing their likes and dislikes. The concept of personalization has opened up customers to this type of sharing.
    • Analytics Gives You Knowledge – The more data you collect, which will happen with every review you receive and line of communication you open, the more you’ll know about your customers. Today’s analytics options allow you to do more with the knowledge you receive–giving you the power to grow.
    • Your Customers Will Appreciate It – There are few things that consumers want more than feeling like their voice is heard. By opening those helplines, sending out surveys or requesting feedback, you’re letting every customer get his or her voice heard and validating those thoughts. It’s a win-win scenario.

    While the concept of conversational marketing may seem a bit complex or esoteric at first, the reality is that it is as simple as asking for feedback, listening and responding. As a subset of your content marketing, you’ll find that it is much easier than you may imagine to get those conversations rolling and benefit from the information you will receive.

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