Do You Want to Improve Lead Gen? Personalize Your B2B Marketing.


Marketing as a whole is not a numbers game, but lead generation certainly is. We’re all blind going in. By the same token, our prospects only know what our marketing tells them until they try our products. At the beginning of the marketing process, namely during lead generation, the numbers game is in full swing.

However, improving your chances of success in today’s digitally streamlined business landscape does not mean employing traditional volume-based customer acquisition strategies. To the contrary, personalization may mean more here than it does further down the sales funnel. Because of the amount of choice every prospect has these days, a relationship that does not begin on an engaging personal note likely will not make it to any other stage of sales planning.

With this in mind, let’s look at some ways to personalize your B2B marketing for today’s highly sensitive and digitally savvy clientele.

Trading Short Term Savings for Long-Term Viability

Personalization may cost more in the short term, whether you hire a third party specialist or invest in a business intelligence package. However, the customer loyalty and retention you will enjoy more than pays for this initial expense. On average, retaining a loyal customer costs around 90% less than attracting a new one, so when you get someone on the hook, it is best to keep them there.

Creating a Dynamic Experience

It is much easier to convince a potential client of your message when that message is highly dynamic in nature. Keep your prospect interested by telling them exactly what would help them based on their individual profiles. Do not put your prospects on a carousel or try to tell them everything at once – this is wide net marketing, and it does not work anymore.

Pick Good Key Metrics

The best way to personalize your marketing is to start with your own key metrics. If you have been trying to reduce the bounce rate on your homepage, then direct all of your efforts to that goal. Your efforts will naturally streamline your lead generation efforts, creating a more specific experience.

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