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    customer retention what it takes

    Customer Retention: What it Takes

    For B2B companies, customer retention strategies are critical for growing profitability and sales. Losing a customer who required a significant investment to acquire could mean losing money and might even affect your reputation. If your company relies on fewer customers making substantial purchases, the loss of just one has a tremendous effect on your sales. Fostering customer loyalty in B2B is mission-critical.

    Retaining existing customers costs far less than acquiring new ones, and your chances of selling to an existing customer are higher. Keeping existing customers costs less and results in more significant sales.

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    Customer retention strategies need to be at the core of your overall business strategy. How best do you foster B2B customer retention? Here are some strategies we think are essential.

    Start a Community

    Loyal customers who are part of a community promote you while keeping you top of mind with each interaction. The community is a way for you to serve them with better support, give them a look at new products, and present free content. They increase sales, improve loyalty, and give you the ability to provide fantastic customer service.

    A community is also a way for you to:

    • Increase customer feedback
    • Connect your customers with others of a like mind
    • Update your customers with company news
    • Increase interaction
    • Grow revenue with upselling, cross-selling and add-ons
    Fostering customer loyalty in B2B is mission-critical.

    What are some community types?

    • Digital forums are a great way to unite your customers and interact.
    • Executive councils help you garner tips for product development and keep customer executives engaged with your brand and service.
    • Conferences for top customers bring them together to reaffirm your value.
    Loyal customers who are part of a community promote you while keeping you top of mind with each interaction.

    Personalize Marketing and Onboarding

    People like to feel special and served with the highest level of attention. Having a customer success team that onboards them individually and continues to market to them with announcements of product updates and new products does just that. Customer loyalty in B2B is bolstered when a customer feels important and individually served.

    Upsell Current Customers

    An existing customer is much more likely to respond to upselling. They appreciate it when your teams look at their business and let them know that another product can help them be more successful. Upselling is a service to them and keeps your customers with you.

    • Personalized Approach: Take a personalized approach to understand each customer’s unique needs, challenges, and goals.
    • Tailored Recommendations: Offer tailored recommendations based on their current usage and feedback, demonstrating a deep understanding of their business.
    • Highlight Value Proposition: Clearly articulate the value proposition of additional products or services, emphasizing how they can address specific pain points or enhance existing solutions.
    • Educational Resources: Provide educational resources, such as guides or case studies, to showcase the benefits and success stories of upselling options.
    • Exclusive Offers: Offer exclusive deals or discounts for existing customers to incentivize them to explore additional offerings.
    • Continuous Support: Provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the upselling process, ensuring a smooth transition and implementation of new solutions.
    • Feedback Loop: Encourage feedback and communication to continuously refine and improve upselling strategies based on customer preferences and outcomes.

    By employing these strategies, you not only increase revenue through upselling but also strengthen customer relationships, driving long-term loyalty and retention.

    Offer Invaluable Customer Service

    Impeccable customer service isn’t an option. It’s a rule. Your salespeople or specialized success teams must provide white-glove attention service to every customer. Do it, and you’ll never lose a customer.

    Reach out to customers often to ensure everything is running smoothly, ask them if there are any issues you can address, and respond right away when they need you.

    Customer loyalty in B2B is bolstered when a customer feels important and individually served.

    Do Something Nice and Unexpected

    Never underestimate the power of a simple gift basket or even a card. Marketing trials and testing have found that even small gifts to people who already have whatever they could need or want increased company sales.

    If it expresses your appreciation for their business, a meaningful gesture makes a huge impact and retains customers for years to come.

    Pay Attention to Complaints

    Every complaint is an opportunity. Consider it a chance to respond quickly, provide the highest of service, and learn more about your customer. That customer can also learn more about your product. Never let a complaint be a problem, but rather a chance to say, “We’re here to serve you.”

    • Opportunity for Improvement: View every complaint as an opportunity to identify areas for improvement and enhance customer satisfaction.
    • Prompt Response: Respond to complaints promptly and empathetically, showing customers that their concerns are taken seriously.
    • High-Quality Service: Provide the highest level of service to address the complaint efficiently and effectively, exceeding customer expectations.
    • Learning Opportunity: Use complaints as a learning opportunity to gain valuable insights into customer preferences, pain points, and product/service issues.
    • Product Education: Take the opportunity to educate the customer about your product or service, ensuring they understand its features and benefits fully.
    • Positive Resolution: Strive for a positive resolution to the complaint, turning a negative experience into a chance to reinforce your commitment to customer satisfaction.
    • Continuous Improvement: Implement feedback from complaints to continuously improve processes, products, and services, ultimately enhancing overall customer experience.

    By embracing complaints as opportunities for growth and improvement, you demonstrate your dedication to customer-centricity and foster long-term loyalty and satisfaction.

    Track Churn Rate as a Key Metric for Your Business

    It’s not enough to know you’ve lost a customer; you must track when and why you’ve lost customers. Compare against the industry and analyze what can be done to lower that churn rate. It’s one of your company’s highest costs and has to be known and controlled, as you would any other cost.

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    Historical data can reveal trends and potential dangers, especially when correlated with company activities that are a catalyst for customer churn.

    These are a few critical customer retention strategies, but they are also the most important. A B2B business enacting all seven is poised for tremendous success and improved profitability. If retention isn’t a key company initiative, make it so today. Customer loyalty in B2B is one of the most critical functions in your business.


    Why is customer retention important for B2B companies?

    Retaining customers is crucial for B2B companies as it significantly impacts profitability, sales, and reputation.

    How does customer retention differ from customer acquisition?

    Retaining existing customers costs less and has higher chances of leading to sales compared to acquiring new ones.

    How can B2B companies foster customer loyalty?

    B2B companies can foster loyalty by starting communities, personalizing marketing and onboarding, upselling current customers, offering exceptional customer service, doing unexpected nice gestures, paying attention to complaints, and tracking churn rate.

    What are some types of communities that can be started to foster customer loyalty?

    Digital forums, executive councils, and conferences for top customers are some types of communities that can be started to foster customer loyalty in B2B.

    Why is personalized marketing and onboarding important for B2B customer retention?

    Personalized marketing and onboarding make customers feel special and individually served, thereby bolstering their loyalty to the company.

    Why is upselling to current customers effective for B2B companies?

    Upselling to current customers is effective because they appreciate tailored recommendations that can help them be more successful in their business.

    Why is impeccable customer service crucial for B2B companies?

    Impeccable customer service is crucial because it ensures that customers feel valued and supported, leading to enhanced loyalty and retention.

    How can B2B companies respond to complaints effectively?

    B2B companies should view complaints as opportunities to provide exceptional service, address issues promptly, and learn more about their customers’ needs.

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