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    Creating an Email Newsletter to Get Better Marketing Results

    As a trend-setting B2B marketer, you may think that email newsletters are the dinosaurs of marketing. That they’re just a marketing tool of the past, because, social media is the thing now. You might need to think again. Email newsletters can be effective in ways that outward social media can’t touch, especially for your B2B audience. Here’s why you should probably rethink your email newsletter aversion and add it to your marketing bag of tricks.

    Do Email Newsletter Still Work?

    The short answer is, yes, if done the right way. An ongoing email marketing campaign can be a very important segment of your marketing strategy. Social media is generally passive. Your target audience may visit specific social platforms you post on, but they may or may not see your posts, considering how quickly comments and messages fly. Even paid advertising on those forums can be gone in a flash. Email, on the other hand, is active and present. After all, everyone checks their email, and your target audience has to actively choose to open, ignore, or delete your campaign message.

    Forget About Click-Baiting Titles

    That might have minorly worked in the past, but today’s consumers are savvier. Create a catchy subject line that offers value. That’s the quickest way to see your marketing efforts relegated to the spam bin. Instead, offer quality content and information your potential client needs. Your email newsletter content should inspire people to check out your website, which in turn, will reward you with better rankings, and put you in front of more of the people you want to reach. Creating great email content that inspires your readers to visit your website, by posting helpful articles or resources creates a chain between your email campaigns and your social media networking.

    What Should I Include In My Email Newsletter?

    The number one rule of email newsletter content is it must provide value of some sort. And, you simply providing a service isn’t going to deliver that. Some prospective clients are looking for freebies, others are looking for industry information. Some want to know what is trending. Having a good mix of content is key. That doesn’t mean you need to write extensively about each topic – there should be a good mix of available information, plus links to your social media sites where, hopefully, you’ve explored those topics more in depth.

    Creating Your Newsletter

    Don’t forget the importance of branding in your email newsletter, but also, don’t let that control the content. Here are some tips for making your email newsletter more effective:

    • Tailor your list by industry or region, and create content for that specific audience
    • Send your email at the right time, based on audience type and geographic
    • Ensure your brand voice and copy are authentic


    What Not To Put In Your Newsletter

    If you don’t want to end up in a spam folder, you need to provide value. In your newsletter, avoid:

    • Sales pitches
    • Faux articles that are really just about your products or services
    • Fluff. Provide content your readers can actually use
    • Too much, too many. Don’t send emails with no value constantly, and don’t make your emails too long


    Create a Great Newsletter That Supports Your Entire Marketing Campaign

    A well-designed newsletter that provides welcome content and value will drive traffic to your website (boosting your search ranking), keep your brand in mind, create relationships, and reinforce your industry authority. Treat your email list like gold. Thoughtful communication with potential clients and current clients will foster good relationships and make it easier for your sales team to connect with prospective clients.

    About The Author

    Elton Mayfield

    Elton's career spans media, production, digital and building industry expertise. His diverse experience makes him nimble, innovative, and curious – always pushing the envelope to create extraordinary work that delivers real results for our clients.

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