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    Increase Leads with This Contractor Call-to-Action Cheat Sheet

    You’ve worked hard to create sales pages, advertisements, social media posts, and more. The only problem? You aren’t getting the response from leads that you thought you would. In fact, you might not have had any leads from your campaigns.

    Yikes. Before getting frustrated, it is important to dissect why this is happening. One common culprit? Your contractor call-to-action doesn’t create a sense of urgency.

    Thankfully, we’re here to help you figure it out. In fact, this guide is specifically tailored to helping those in the building industry construct better copy to help increase leads. Ready to go? Let’s dive in.

    What Makes a Good Contractor Call-to-Action?

    As a contractor in the building industry, you know how to create magnificent spaces from nothing but a handful of materials and a little knowledge. Digital marketing is really closely the same thing. When you know what and where to add a special little detail, you can really create something huge.

    That said, you’ve got to have the knowledge behind what makes a good contractor call-to-action. To be successful, a call-to-action must create urgency, be easy to follow, use personalized language, and be easy to spot.

    Create Urgency

    You want your leads to take action immediately and not put off getting in touch with you. That means your call-to-action statements need to create a sense of urgency and really evoke those fear of missing out feelings. Try using phrases like “call now” or “limited time” to spur results.

    Be Easy to Follow

    Your potential leads don’t want to have to jump through a ton of hoops and tasks to take action. That’s why having a call to action that is easy to follow is so important. Using terminology that explains the next step is always a good idea. For example, phrasing like “click here now to get a free estimate” would be ideal for a landing page targeting property owners.

    Use Personalized Language

    Personalized language is incredibly important when it comes to a contractor’s call to action. While this can mean a person’s first name or other wording if you have access to it, it generally means using words like “you” and “your” to create that sense of connection. Need an example? Get “your” free estimate now.

    Be Easy to Spot

    Make sure your call-to-action is easy to see visually. If it just blends in with the text, it isn’t noticeable and won’t make it simple for leads to follow through. Instead, use bolded text or a brightly colored button to ensure they can’t miss it.

    Call-to-Action Examples That Create Urgency

    Now that we know the elements you want to include, it is important to see examples in action. Of course, the platform you’re using is important in determining how to craft your ideal call-to-action, too. Here are a few excellent ways to ensure you’re hitting the target every single time.

    Your Website & Landing Pages

    The great part about creating your own website and landing pages is that you have full control over the graphical elements of your call-to-action statements. For example, you can use a brightly colored button, banner, pop-up, or whatever else makes sense.

    • Request a Quote
    • Get Started Now


    When it comes to creating successful call-to-action statements on social media, you’re a little limited on how well you can make the statement stand out on a general post. One option is to use just that portion of your post in all caps, but that can sometimes look a little funny visually.

    However, if you’re using sponsored ads, there’s a little bit more wiggle room. The ads environment actually allows you to add a button at the bottom with a distinct call-to-action. And that’s where you can use that direct language effectively.

    • Act Now
    • Contact Us
    • Get a Quote


    When it comes to advertising your contracting company on Instagram, there are tons of opportunities to get people to notice you. Whether you’re posting images of a completed job or adding helpful tips, you should always use an effective call-to-action in the post. However, sometimes you just want them to interact with your post instead of asking for a quote.

    • Tell Us What You Think in the Comments
    • Send Us a DM to Learn More

    Pinterest & Houzz

    We’ve grouped this category together because they’re both essentially visual search engines. The only big difference between the two is that Houzz is fully centered around the building industry, while Pinterest also delves into fashion, cooking, and a million other subcategories.

    That said, you want to make sure you’re doing it right. Using call-to-action terms in your description makes it obvious what you want someone to do while encouraging them to get in touch with you for further information.

    • Visit Our Website for a Quote
    • Repin Now
    • Call Us Today

    Email Marketing & Newsletters

    When it comes to crafting the ideal contractor call-to-action in your email marketing messages and newsletters, the process is actually much easier than with other formats. Why? You have access to additional information about that subscriber like their first name, the city they live in, etc. Be sure to personalize this information as often as you can.

    • Get a Quote Now for Your [CITY] Home
    • Give Us a Call Today, [FIRST NAME]!

    Offline Advertising

    Using a great call-to-action for better lead response is something that you can utilize in your offline advertising, too. The only problem? The link between the lead seeing your ad and taking action isn’t always immediate. That means you need to select call-to-action terms that provide an extra-large sense of urgency.

    • Call Us Before Storm Season Arrives
    • Get In Touch Before Time Runs Out

    Wrap Up: Call-to-Action Tips for the Building Industry

    When it comes to creating landing pages for getting more building industry leads, your call-to-action is crucial. With these tips, you can start updating your pages and ads to help see better results. Remember, it might take testing and trying a few different ones out to find the right fit, but you should start seeing results soon.

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