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    Content Marketing and Database Marketing for Building Product Manufacturers

    Content Marketing and Database Marketing for Building Product Marketers

    Content and database marketing have emerged as indispensable tools in the modern marketing landscape. According to a recent study by Forrester Research, Inc., these strategies have proven highly effective in engaging customers and driving sales. As we delve into the realm of content and database marketing, we’ll explore key insights and recommendations that can help your building product organization thrive in this dynamic digital age.

    Content Marketing: Crafting Customer-Centric Messages

    Gone are the days when generic marketing messages could sway B2B customers. Today, buyers seek personalized content that caters to their specific needs and pain points. Content marketing goes beyond traditional company brochures; it involves creating custom content that resonates with targeted customer segments, increasing the chances of converting leads into sales.

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    To excel in content-centric marketing, CMOs need to focus on the following strategies:

    1. Informative and Persuasive Content: Building product marketing must not only focus on selling the features and benefits but also on educating buyers about the products. This information equips customers to make informed decisions and communicate the value proposition effectively.
    2. Mapping the Customer Journey: The purchasing process for building products often involves extensive research and consideration. Hence, content must be strategically placed throughout the buying journey to keep customers engaged and informed at every stage.
    3. Leveraging Subject Matter Experts: Marketing teams may not always possess the depth of technical knowledge desired by buyers. Collaborating with subject matter experts can provide valuable insights and enhance the credibility of marketing messages.

    Database Marketing: Harnessing the Power of Customer Data

    The other crucial component in modern marketing is database marketing, which revolves around the continuous maintenance of marketing data. Unfortunately, this aspect is often overlooked in many organizations. By proactively adopting database marketing, CMOs can unlock valuable customer insights and refine their marketing efforts.

    To make the most of database marketing, consider the following steps:

    1. Organizing and Updating Data: Building product marketers often have access to data from various sources. However, this data is often fragmented and outdated. Prioritize segmenting the data based on relevance and conduct audits to identify gaps that need filling.
    2. Tapping into External Resources: When internal resources are unable to keep up with data updates, seeking external assistance can be invaluable. External experts can help bridge data gaps and ensure a comprehensive and accurate marketing database.
    3. Evaluating Skill Set Gaps: Successful database marketing requires a diverse skill set, including expertise in marketing, public relations, web-based data analysis, and operations. CMOs should identify any skill gaps within their teams and take measures to fill them.
    4. Tailoring Platforms to Meet Needs: The platform requirements for global marketers differ significantly from those of regional building product marketers. It is essential to assess the distinct marketing database needs of each team and provide appropriate resources.
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    Enhancing Content and Database Marketing Strategies

    The synergy between content and database marketing can significantly impact the success of your marketing efforts. To further augment these strategies, consider the following sources and additional articles:

    1. Read the article, “B2B Marketers Must Prepare for Marketing Automation” for valuable insights on integrating marketing automation into your strategy.
    2. Discover the importance of automation for B2B building product marketers and how it streamlines processes and drives results.
    3. Define your customers in six essential steps as outlined in the article, “How Building Product Marketers Can Define Their Customers in 6 Steps.”
    4. Emphasize the significance of measurement in your building product marketing strategy with insights from the article, “Measurement is Key to Building Product Marketing Strategy.”

    Embracing content and database marketing is vital for staying relevant and competitive in the building product industry. By creating personalized, informative content and harnessing the power of customer data, your organization can forge stronger connections with customers and achieve sustainable growth in today’s fast-paced digital marketplace.

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    What is content marketing?

    Content marketing involves creating tailored content to engage specific customer segments, driving sales and brand loyalty.

    Why is database marketing important?

    Database marketing allows you to maintain and analyze customer data, enabling targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

    How does content fit the purchasing journey?

    Content should be engaging throughout the buying process, especially for building products with longer buying life-cycles.

    Why involve subject matter experts in marketing?

    Subject matter experts add technical insights and credibility to marketing efforts, meeting buyers’ deeper information needs.

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