Building Product LinkedIn Groups – Find the Value Through Participation!

LinkedIn Groups Provide Value to the Building Product Marketer

Have you noticed that some of your LinkedIn contacts wear their group list like a decorated military officer?  I wonder, “how can anyone remain active in that many groups?”  The key word here is active.  To truly realize the value of LinkedIn groups the building product marketer must be active and interactive with peers within the group/industry.

A key for building product marketers utilizing LinkedIn groups, according to J.D. Gershbein of Success magazine, is to “Be Catalyzed, Not Paralyzed.”

 The vast majority of people don’t play in the groups. They join a few, maybe check in a few times to explore, but never really dip their toes in the water. Many feel inclined to add their two cents to a discussion, but they choke up, under the impression that their input will not be well received. Thus, the group logos, nice little branding elements that they are, are just for show on their LinkedIn profiles. LinkedIn achievers do something group-related every day. It is part of their LinkedIn business plan.

Go ahead—dive in—the water’s great!

The following are LinkedIn groups that I like and that can provide building product marketers insightful information:

1.     Building Material Suppliers

Building Product professionals providing a networking resource to suppliers throughout the industry.  5,540 Members

2.     Building Materials – Sales and Marketing Professionals

Objective of this group is to bring together 8,004 Sales and Marketing professionals from the building materials industry to share best practices, discuss industry issues an offer and opportunity to strategize with like minded executives.

3.     Building Products Industry Group

Discuss Trends and Share Market Knowledge related to the Building Products Industry.  1,894 Members

4.     Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Network

The premier group for CMO level marketing executives who function as the head of marketing for their organizations and for corporate professionals who are interested in networking within the marketing industry.  28,028 Members

Each group highlighted can provide tremendous information and insight to the building product marketer.  However, the key is to remain active, utilize the network and separate yourself from the crowd with regular interaction.


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