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    Building Product Experts – Tips on Organizing Social Media

    “How to Tips” for managing building product social media

    I enjoy social media as much as the rest of them (maybe even more – I’ve been known to be on my MacBook, iPad and iPhone all at the same time), but even I admit it can be overwhelming. Right when you feel like you’ve got the hang of something, a new kid moves in on the block and you have to start over. How can you keep it all straight?

    Social media has become so prevalent, there is even a designated “Social Media Week” during February where hundreds of thousands of people from around the world participate to see the latest trends and new technologies. Plus, perusing the web will show you the latest and greatest social media sites to invest in – it’s always evolving.

    As a building products CMO, social media is certainly a hot topic. We need to decide how this is going to affect our business and help our strategy and determine if we want to put ourselves out there and create our own accounts.

    So how do we, as building product experts, keep it all straight? Here are a few tips:

    1. Research. There are a lot of outlets out there, what is best for you and your business? What tactics will support your strategy and drive results? Do your research before making any decisions.
    2. Focus. Although there are lots of tips and tricks to keep your social media organized (even social media tools), focus is absolutely key. There are lots of social media sites out there, and the list will continue to grow. There is no way to be active on all of them. Choose what makes sense for you and your business and focus on those.
    3. Organize. Keep a running list of the social media sites you are active on, along with the passwords and any tips or tricks you’ve learned. This can be a great way to teach others too.
    4. Plan. Plan time and create a schedule for social media. It’s easy to fall into extremes – updating all the time or never updating – and a schedule will help you keep your balance.

    What other ways do you keep you social media organized? For more information on social media visit:


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    About The Author

    Elton Mayfield

    Elton's career spans media, production, digital and building industry expertise. His diverse experience makes him nimble, innovative, and curious – always pushing the envelope to create extraordinary work that delivers real results for our clients.

    2 thoughts on “Building Product Experts – Tips on Organizing Social Media”

    1. These are excellent words of advice. All too often, especially in the building industry, social media can become quickly overwhelming. My advice to anyone is to take it slow. Pick one or two aspects of social media and get comfortable with those – and then, as time permits and you get more efficient, expand and learn another one. As you said, there is absolutely no way you can be involved in all networks.

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