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    virtual lifestyles are creating demand for smart homes

    Build Better: A Look Into How People’s Virtual Lifestyles Are Creating Demand for Smart Homes

    It is no secret that we’re all more connected than ever before. What might once have seemed like something straight out of a space-themed cartoon about a family named Jetson is now becoming our reality—which is actually quite exciting, if you think about it.

    Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the trend towards better connectivity for ease of convenience and access in our daily lives was moving at warp speed. As technological capabilities increase, so do the ways we can solve all of those little inconveniences and great challenges we all face on a regular basis.

    Keep reading to learn how the virtual lifestyle is creating a greater demand for so-called smart home technology.

    What Are Smart Home Products?

    Before we can really dive in and describe the different types of smart home gadgets gaining popularity these days, let’s first discuss what these items are.

    Smart home products are devices that allow homeowners to control them via a special smartphone app or program. Examples of these types of products include lighting, thermostats, garage door openers, doorbells, security systems, and much more.

    There are even smart appliances that offer the ability to do things like change the temperature of your oven or see what’s inside your refrigerator when you’re at the grocery store.

    Why is Virtual Life Creating a Bigger Demand for Home Automation?

    These days, technology is all about convenience. After all, we’re busier than ever before, which means there’s a need to make things as easy as possible.

    Coupled with constant connectivity, you can see why smart home tech is so popular. When we’re living most of our daily lives attached to smartphone and tablet devices, it only makes sense that the ability to control physical elements within our homes comes with a connection like smart technology.

    For example, a smart light might either have a bulb or switch that is WiFi connected. This connection gives homeowners the opportunity to set timers, remotely turn on or off lighting, and even change the color of the bulb remotely.

    Some savvy homeowners even opt to use geofence technology to open a garage door the moment their connected vehicle enters the neighborhood. Or have the shades close and the lights come on at the very exact time the sun sets in their area.

    See how this is a lot easier than having to do everything on your own? Smart homes are specifically designed to be just that—smart enough to anticipate needs, while giving you the flexibility to connect to your devices from anywhere in the world.

    The Need for a Smart Home Manager

    Of course, one of the biggest turn-ons for smart home devices is that they don’t have to be purchased all at once. Instead, homeowners can pick and choose ones that make the most sense for their needs and budget.

    But even the best home automation system needs something to bring it all together. After all, different brands have varying apps to control everything. By having a singular program that acts as a center control center for all of your devices, you can easily change settings, turn off items, or even view cameras remotely to double check your security.

    Need an example? Imagine you’re on a business trip. From your smartphone, you can check your Nest Security System, turn on the living room lamp for your cat, and set the thermostat to a comfortable 72-degrees. You can also set a message for your kids to remind them to take out the trash, while reducing water usage with your backyard sprinkler system.

    While smart home products themselves are fantastic, it is the management programs that make the whole thing far more conducive to a virtual lifestyle. Essentially, these apps are what bring everything together, giving you the opportunity to be present in your home virtually even while away.

    What Does the Smart Home Trend Mean for Builders?

    So, what does this mean for those in the construction and building materials industries? It means creating more options for homeowners to connect existing systems to their new or refurbished homes. It also means that those who create products for use in the home need to find ways to integrate this type of technology.

    As an example, pretend your business makes hot water heating systems. Giving homeowners the option to select the right water temperature, check how many gallons are available, and more from a smartphone app makes for a great added benefit over the traditional-style tank.

    And that’s just the start! In fact, building companies are encouraged to look at their products and determine where and how adding home automation features make sense for their target market.

    Wrap Up: The Growth of Home Automation Systems

    As we get further into the future, the use of smart home technology is only slated to increase. Builders and building materials manufacturers must be ready to incorporate this type of technology to help meet the convenience needs of their target markets. 

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    Elton's career spans media, production, digital and building industry expertise. His diverse experience makes him nimble, innovative, and curious – always pushing the envelope to create extraordinary work that delivers real results for our clients.

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