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    A Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing and Social Media Platforms

    How have you heard about content marketing? This is a hot trend in the field of business promotion. The right content marketing strategy can transform your company’s reach and brand. However, it’s easy to lose a lot of time and money if you don’t have a solid plan of action. Here are some ways you can adapt content marketing strategies for your business:

    The Difference Between Content Marketing, SEO, and Advertising

    These three terms are linked, but you’ll need to understand the difference between them.

    Advertising is the firm sales push. This is where you promote your products or services to your audience. At the end of the advertisement, you encourage them to make a purchase.

    SEO stands for search engine optimization. In this case, it is about streamlining your website to maximize your presence in search engines.

    Content marketing covers a range of topics that promote your brand and raise awareness of your products or services. Much of content marketing involves social media, but don’t forget the importance of your blog, SEO, and advertising as well.

    Catchy Content Marketing

    Content Marketing is about taking a macro approach to your business and predicting how your audience may interact with it. The goal here is to keep your brand on peoples’ minds and offer them high value.

    This goes beyond simple sales pitches. You can create blog posts that entertain and engage with customers. For instance, if you have a company that sells home furnishings, you might create content marketing posts about decorating the home for the spring. If this blog post is written with SEO in mind, it can help bring a new group of customers to your website.

    One great way to engage with the audience is through infographics or other images. A lot of people browse social media or search for home solutions over their phone. You can grab more attention with images than text.

    How Social Media Ties Into Content Marketing

    The various social media platforms are a great way for you to market content to all corners of the internet. The platforms have overlapping audiences, but for best market penetration you should try to utilize at least two. Which platforms you settle on depend on the particulars of your business and your personal preferences or strengths.


    Facebook is good for reaching the broadest possible audience. However, Facebook is saturated with competitors and without expensive boosting, your posts will only be seen by a small percentage of your subscribers.


    LinkedIn is a great way to make connections with ambitious professionals. However, many potential customers may never make a LinkedIn account. This platform is best used as one of a multi-pronged social media strategy.


    Twitter is good for businesses that can express their products or content in a quick format. However, this is not suitable for more detailed information. You’ll also likely need to tweet multiple times a day to gain traction.


    This image-based platform fits well with companies that produce visually appealing goods and services such as vacation packages. However, you cannot provide direct links. This makes it difficult to make immediate sales.

    Marketing and You

    Audiences will respond best to content marketing that predicts a need or has a human touch. Try to bring some of your personality and brand into everything you post.

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