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    Attracting the Right Customers to Your Trade Show


    Whether your business is to sell cleaning products or dog treats trade shows can be an effective way to introduce your product to distributors that can help your products gain popularity and bring about success. But just acquiring space in a convention center is not enough to make sure that the right people are stopping by your booth and checking out your products.

    Know What You Want

    No matter what you have to offer, it is important to know how participation in a trade show can best be worthwhile to your trade show ROI strategy. Are you looking to build relationships with other businesses as a wholesale supplier to help bring about future sales down the road? Perhaps your ultimate is for your business itself to be noticed for its value and sold to provide an opportunity to franchise or start another business? With a targeted audience in mind, you have a better chance of finding the right time and place to reach your goals.

    Research the Right Spot and Prepare in Advance

    Planning ahead is good advice in a lot of instances, and when you are booking a spot in a trade show, it is no different, Just as the “early bird gets the worm,” the early planner gets the best pick of potential trade show space and in many cases gets a discount, Before the show actually happens, find out as much information about any potential competition as you can.

    Once you know the where and when of your trade show, it is time to self-promote. If you maintain retail space, be sure to let your customers know that you will be participating in a trade show and where it will be. Your business’s website and social media accounts also provide great opportunities to get the word out about your plans. Advertising early, including booth number information will give your customers a chance to plan ahead and help you achieve more sales and build stronger relationships.

    Invest in Installation and Design

    Whether you have a DIY tradeshow booth or hire professionals to help you get things set up and take things down it is important to give yourself plenty of time for both set up and the dismantlement of your display. You can purchase premade displays or work with professionals to customize the look of your booth to draw more customers.

    Keep Perspective When Measuring Success

    Participation in a trade show can be costly, and if you measure success solely based on what you sold, chances are you will wind up disappointed in the outcome of your trade show, but there are many things to take from the experience that you can’t put a firm dollar value on. Take notes on any feedback you get while at your show, including constructive criticism. Or by sending a trade show feedback questionnaire to attendees you networked with at the show. Even when businesses don’t seem similar, they can still offer insights that can help you in developing better products and forging the way to long-term relationships.

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