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    Are You Using Your AI to Target Properly?

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is fast becoming a staple of marketing campaigns of all sizes. There is definitely something to be said for the ability to automate and target aspects of your brand marketing, especially if you do not have the manpower to do these things through labor.

    The concept of machine learning is another popular concept that you should know very closely. Within the umbrella of AI, these concepts are disrupting industries from law to entertainment. The biggest companies in the world are investing in AI, from Alibaba to Apple to Facebook.

    The next marketing arms race will be in artificial intelligence. Not only do you need to have the right technology at your disposal, but you need to know how to apply it to your relevant KPIs. One of the most important aspects of AI is using it to target your best prospects.

    Consumer Engagement

    One of the most important aspects of using AI is fully owning the layer of initial consumer engagement. The best AI systems have the ability to shape how your prospects interact with your product brands. Make sure that you are not just targeting your prospects blindly. Learn how to use your system to evolve with them and adapt to their behaviors.

    Basically, you should be using AI to follow your prospects throughout the customer journey as long as possible. You should not make the mistake of simply using target AI from the beginning and falling back on traditional marketing after that.

    Understanding the Different Types of AI

    The two major types of AI that you will be using at this stage of AI development are ANI and AGI.

    ANI stands for Artificial Narrow Intelligence, which is also known as “weak AI.” This nickname comes from the fact that ANI focuses specifically on a single task. It does not mean that the AI is dysfunctional or incompetent in any way. AGI stands for Artificial General Intelligence, which is also known as “strong AI.” Techies define this level of AI as a computer that has the same general level of intelligence as a human being.
    [Note: There is also a level of AI known as Artificial Superintelligence, but it is not commercially available.]

    In terms of the AI that you will use to target prospects, ANI is adequate. However, as your operations scale, you should look for AI that is defined as AGI. This will allow you to follow your prospects down the customer journey more precisely. Make sure that you ask your AI partner what level of AI that they are running so that you can determine if the technology matches with your needs.

    Using Machine and Deep Learning

    Machine learning is the more popular subset of AI that is also more prevalent in ANI systems. Machine learning allows you to predict behavior based on past behavioral data and other data. You can target your prospects using decision trees, Bayesian networks, association rule learning and reinforcement learning.
    Deep learning is a multilayered structure that is based on the brain of a human being. This level of AI is usually incorporated into AGI level AI. If you have a deep learning system working for you, you do not have to define any features manually in order to predict the behavior of your potential targets. Deep learning is also scalable because of its ability to accept incredibly large amounts of data.

    Whether you need an AGI system or you can improve using AGI, your marketing will always improve if you are using the right kind of AI. Keep the descriptions above in mind when you are expanding your systems.

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