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    6 Trade Show Marketing Dos & Don'ts

    6 Trade Show Marketing Dos & Don’ts

    In the world of building products marketing, trade shows are a big deal.

    There is perhaps no more important trade show for building products marketers than the International Builders’ Show (IBS). This annual event is where the biggest and best in the industry present their biggest and best products, services, and offerings. It sets the tone for the year to come, establishes future trends, and in short, it’s just kind of a big deal.

    Building Products Marketers, Take Note.

    While I was at IBS this year with several members of my team, I saw some amazing showings, and some not so amazing showings. Things to emulate as a marketer, and things to never do in a million years. I’ve compiled a list of some of my top do’s and don’ts seen at the show that can apply to any B2B marketing at any trade show in any industry:

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    Trade Show Marketing Do’s:

    Stay somewhere close to the convention center

    Avoid distance and distraction. It will save you time, help you avoid waiting on busses or transportation, and prevent you from having to lug around all your gear. More time spent at the show, whether as an attendee or exhibitor, is good for you and your business.

    Institute a “30-minute rule”

    It doesn’t matter if you’re an attendee or exhibitor, you should probably have several meetings, presentations, or activities lined up ahead of time. But you need to make sure to keep a 30-minute gap between each. Consider your physical location and how long it will take you to get where you need to go—some event centers, like at IBS, are unbelievably huge.

    Know the flow of the convention center

    While at IBS, I noticed more than a few booths struggle by assuming there would be traffic just because they were close to an entryway. But if the doors by your booth are located far from the main entrance people actually use, your “prime location” might prove to be anything but.

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    Trade Show Marketing Don’ts:

    Put any text below eye-level

    I’ve discussed before how important it is to carefully consider the experience of your booth, but the basic gist is: just because you have space on a wall or pop-up banner doesn’t mean you need to fill it with text or design. By the time your visitor has backed up enough to read that text, they’re already out of your booth. Just sayin’.

    Staff your booth with uninvolved or uninformed people

    You’d be amazed how many booths I saw where people acted like they didn’t care when visitors came by, had uncharismatic staff, or put their junior-most employee in charge of manning the booth. And then there were the people eating at their booth or spending all their time talking to their coworkers…don’t even get me started on that one.

    Offer giveaways just to offer giveaways

    We’ve all fallen guilty to it here and there, but don’t offer a random, trending item just to do it (ex. an Apple Watch just because it’s the hot new thing). If it has no tie to your company, the marketing approach at the event, etc., then it comes across as random at best, desperate at worst. Plus, it creates no link to your company in the minds of your prospects. Instead, look for more natural connections for giveaways, even if they’re less “sexy” than the trending stuff. (Ex. a kitchen company making cookies at KBIS.)

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    Why are trade shows important for building products marketing?

    Trade shows are significant events in the world of building products marketing as they allow industry leaders to showcase their best offerings, establish trends, and set the tone for the upcoming year.

    Which trade show holds immense importance for building products marketers?

    The International Builders’ Show (IBS) is a critical event for building products marketers, where industry giants present their top products and services, influencing future trends.

    What is the “30-minute rule” for trade show attendees and exhibitors?

    The “30-minute rule” advises having a 30-minute gap between scheduled meetings or activities to account for the vastness of some event centers, like IBS.

    How can I ensure a prime location for my booth’s visibility?

    Knowing the actual flow of foot traffic within the convention center is crucial, as mere proximity to an entryway doesn’t guarantee booth visibility if it’s not along the main traffic path.

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