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    5 Tips to Maximize Your Trade Show ROI

    5 Tips to Maximize Your Trade Show ROI

    Building an effective strategy that is targeted to maximize your trade show can make all the difference in its success. The following aspects should be included in such a strategy to improve your experience.

    1. Create a Press Release

    Creating a press release that you can distribute online to increase awareness of the upcoming trade show is vital to your ROI. Be sure that basics such as the use of appropriate keywords that your audience of building materials purchasers is likely to use to find what they want and a link to your website are included in this press release.

    2. Add a Mention on Your Home Page

    Increase awareness of your trade show attendance by mentioning it on your website’s homepage. Placing that kind of information in a prominent location ensures that everyone receives notification of its occurrence when they visit your site.

    3. Coordinate a Marketing Strategy

    Be sure that you and your marketing team are on the same page when it comes to the presentations, videos, and slideshows that you’ll display at your trade show booth. Doing so reinforces the information you’re delivering across all channels for the maximum ROI.

    4. Be Prepared for the Media

    Whether you expect to interact with members of the press or not, you should be prepared – just in case. This means checking the list of attendees to learn if any are expected and updating your press kit to hand out to those that you see. No press kit? This is the ideal time to create one!

    5. Email and Blog About It

    If you maintain a list of email subscribers, be sure to send out an email blast about your attendance at the trade show. Provide a sneak peek of what attendees can expect from you. Blog about the days leading up to the trade show as well as your experiences during the event.

    The key to maximizing your ROI for trade shows is to increase your engagement with your audience. Keeping them informed about what they can expect and why buyers in the building materials industry should seek you out there can boost your ROI exponentially.


    Why should I create a press release for a trade show?

    Creating a press release increases awareness of your trade show participation and can boost your return on investment (ROI).

    How can I promote my trade show attendance on my website?

    Mention the trade show on your homepage in a prominent location to ensure all website visitors are notified.

    Why is coordinating a marketing strategy important for a trade show?

    Aligning your marketing materials and messaging with your team ensures consistent information across all channels, maximizing ROI.

    Do I need to prepare for media interactions at a trade show?

    Yes, even if you don’t expect press attention, prepare a press kit and check the attendee list for potential media contacts.

    What should I do with my email subscribers before a trade show?

    Send an email blast to subscribers, offering a sneak peek of what to expect at the trade show, and blog about your preparations and experiences.

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