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    5 Smart Ways to Capture B2B Customer Data

    5 Smart Ways to Capture B2B Customer Data

    An integral part of customer data management is learning how to get customer data. Read on for 5 actionable data collection tactics. Getting to know more about an organization’s customers is the key pursuit of every marketing department. Marketers have consistently been coming up with innovative ways to collect customer data. The process usually starts with defining buyer personas and ends with customer satisfaction surveys. You need to start collecting data at every step of the way even before a casual visitor reading your latest article becomes your customer. This is especially crucial in a B2B marketing context. So, if you’re looking for slightly different ways to collect data in your pursuit of building a solid database, you will learn 5 smart ways to capture B2B customer data. 1. Track Website Activities One of the biggest resources to capture customer data is your website itself. You might already be tracking key metrics such as sessions, unique visitors, page views, bounce rate, conversion rate, goal completions and goal value. How can you take it a step ahead to know more about your customers? Start by analyzing landing and exit pages in your analytics tool. Also track your most visited pages and the time spent on these pages to see what content type is working best. Visualizing the conversion funnel/path will help you find more opportunities to optimize it. When you check these metrics with dimensions such as age, location, referral sources, browser, OS, etc., you will garner customer data on a more granular level. Also Read: Customer Data Platform Pioneers! 4 Exclusive Stories of Real CDP Deployment Journeys 2. Implement Lead Magnet Tools We all know the good old lead generation tactics such as gated content, free trials or sign-ups to collect identity data that includes name, address, phone, email […]

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    Stay In-the-Know with Our Quarterly Printed Magazine, Navigate the Channel.

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