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    5 Reasons Why a Podcast Should Be Part of Your Marketing Mix

    Developing a marketing mix can be a daunting task. You first have to understand your business and product and how it fits in the marketplace. Then assess your competition and determine how you should compete. Your product might be superior to others in the market, but it is not until your target market perceives your product as the right one for them that they will not buy from you. There are different types of content including blog posts, webinars, e-books, videos, and podcasts. Podcasts are among the most powerful platforms a business can use to reinforce their message. However, many shy away from the opportunity. Below is an outline of some of the best reasons why you should add podcasts to your current marketing mix.

    1. Convenience and accessibility

    Audio content is more accessible to users compared to text and video content. The listener does not have to shift their focus from what they are doing to focus exclusively on your content. One can listen to podcasts as they drive, exercise even cook. Podcasts do not take them away from activities they enjoy; it enriches them. Digital consumers are multitasking more and shadow tasking both in their personal and professional lives. Podcasts are also downloadable enabling users to listen to them anywhere and anytime. This allows your audience to consume their content during their time and in any way they want to.

    2. Boosts brand loyalty

    Consumers want to connect with people and not brands. The listener can detect your excitement and passion when discussing relevant topics. The more invested your clients perceive you to be the higher the chances you are in a position to exert some influence over them. Podcasts offer a platform where the spokesperson can organically humanize their image. The human voice has the power to reach an audience in ways that video and written words cannot.

    3. Helps stand out from competitors

    Audio content has grown over the last few years, but there is plenty of room for more shows. Depending on your niche, you have an added advantage of facing very little competition. Unlike social media channels and blogs, podcasts are a comparatively untapped B2B marketing tactic. If your brand is capable of successfully implementing an engaging, niche and targeted strategy, there is a high chance of gaining a competitive edge over your competitors.

    4. Podcasts are inexpensive to produce

    Recording a podcast is less time consuming compared to recording a video or writing an article. All you need for a podcast is a decent microphone and a program to edit your episodes. Other than that, you have to record yourself talking about a topic you are passionate about. You also have to decide whether it will be scripted or not. However, remember people seem to enjoy conversational and less rigid podcasts.

    5. Cross-promotional opportunities

    Podcasts are a valuable tool not just for promoting your brand and services but also those of your clients, corporate partners, and prospects. According to a survey podcast, listeners do not seem to mind commercial breaks in podcasts. They also offer an opportunity to have an expert guest on the show. The expert guest gets to showcase their skills and expertise in an area while your company benefits from diversified content, fresh material, and credible sources.
    Podcasting is a great addition to your already existing marketing mix. There are numerous reasons that your company should consider podcasting, and if you haven’t considered podcasts in the past, it is worth looking into the option.

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    Elton's career spans media, production, digital and building industry expertise. His diverse experience makes him nimble, innovative, and curious – always pushing the envelope to create extraordinary work that delivers real results for our clients.

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