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    4 Tips for Choosing the Right Space on the Trade Show Floor

    When it comes to your trade show floors and appearance, you might be limited in the size and design of your booth by your budget. While this — along with choosing the right trade show to attend — is an important element of success, picking and choosing the right location and trade show booth flooring ideas on the is vital as well. Here are four tips to help you out.

    1. Get up front

    A space near the show floor’s main entrance is a prime spot for your company’s booth for two primary reasons. First, you’ll have the attention of nearly all of the trade show’s attendees as they enter the trade show. Second, because most people who enter through the main doors are just arriving, they are fresh and eager to see what awaits them. This highly-visible location allows you to capitalize on their enthusiasm and capture their attention.

    2. Near the Big Players

    Nearly every trade show has its company sponsors and those booths that are known for attracting a great deal of attention. Having your company’s booth close to these other companies allows you to benefit from their traffic. One reason that this location might not work, however, is if that company is one of your direct competitors.

    3. Close to Food Vendors and Restrooms

    People who attend trade shows are usually there long enough to have to either visit the restroom or eat. Many people do both which is why it often pays to be located close to the restrooms and food vendors. If possible, choose a location that is positioned near the exit of the restroom or food vending area. Attendees are likely to be hurrying to visit the restroom and/or eat and could forget to stop by your booth afterward.

    4. Near intersections and corners

    Being located near the intersection of aisles or on the corner provides you with more options to capture the attention of foot traffic. Because people often tend to congregate at intersections, you’ll be provided with an opportunity to get them to notice you. This is why it’s important to have a trade show booth that’s designed to be captivating no matter which way it is approached.

    Sometimes You Can’t Choose

    There are some trade shows that assign booth locations with repeat companies often getting the prime spots. You can try booking your space early, being ready to take advantage of any cancellations and offering to pay an additional fee for a choice location.
    Regardless of where your booth ends up being located, it’s important to use the advantages you do have and strategize for success. A key element in securing the attention of attendees is a trade show booth that piques their interest and puts your brand first.

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