4 Innovative B2B Construction Marketing Strategies

The construction industry continues to grow day to day, but often it doesn’t feel like the field is expanding because there are also constantly new players in the form of other contracting companies to compete with. When your day is probably filled with lots of paperwork, legal proceedings, managing a team, purchasing raw materials and parts, and balancing budgets, it might not seem like there’s much time left in the day to plan your business marketing strategy – but failing to have an innovative marketing plan in place can prove to be a costly mistake.

In addition to developing your brand messaging and having an online presence through your web site and social media platforms, there are some other surprising ways you can make your B2B marketing campaign more effective. Here are four methods.

Get Listed

While it might sound like a no-brainer, it’s important to ensure that your construction company is listed in as many directories as possible. Whenever a potential client types in a general query about a service you provide, your company name should pop up in every directory. Not only will that keep your name visible, and help potential customers find you, it will also affect your ranking positively. Make sure to check them often and answer any questions asked. Respond to any feedback quickly with a personal reply addressing their issues or thanking them for their patronage. Make it easy for clients to leave feedback by creating listings on Yelp and Angie’s List.

Build Relationships with Related but Non-Competing Businesses

It is hard to beat the power of word-of-mouth referrals from people they trust. Partnering up with a company that provides another service in the construction industry that doesn’t directly compete with you is a great way to increase organic referrals. Building relationships with trustworthy non-competitors is a great way to increase your customer’s confidence in your brand. Consider building a healthy relationship with sub-contractors, architects, plumbers, electricians, painters, and after-project service providers such as interior designers and landscapers.

Give Information and Knowledge Away for Free 

Yes, free! Customers love getting free information and tips, even about processes they plan to pay others to execute. As a construction expert, you are in the perfect position to impart knowledge to your target audience for free. Create YouTube videos that walk your potential clients through a project. Add templates to your web site and social media account so that viewers can sign up for free newsletters and emails with tips and tricks of the trade. Offering helpful solutions for their small problems will build their confidence in your brand, and they’ll come back to you for their bigger projects.

Invest in Your Community

It might sound counter-productive to partner with charities or philanthropy – because how can giving away free products or services be profitable? — but being a benefactor has its perks for those in the construction trade. While other businesses may be able to have a plaque with their name emblazoned on it posted on the new art center wing, it doesn’t have quite the potential available in the construction industry where not only is your name on the new animal shelter addition, but you also supplied all the materials and actually built the extension. Team up with other local businesses for larger projects. Customers identify strongly with charities they support, so you’ll not only boost your name recognition but also foster goodwill in your local community.

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