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    3 Ways to Get Your Public Relations Off to a Good Start


    With the weather continuing to improve on a daily basis throughout much of the country, the busy season for building material companies starts now. This is a great time to take a look at your public relations strategy to make sure it’s solid enough to take you through the rest of the year.

    1. Make creating content a priority

    Content creation continues to be an important way for businesses to reach out to the public right where they are at any given time. Of course, today that content goes far beyond the written word as videos continue to gain in popularity.

    Consider adding a human touch to your brand in 2018 as a way to increase the public’s awareness of it. One way to do this is by featuring members of your team in videos or podcasts.

    On the other hand, creating white papers and ebooks is a good way to improve your standing as a thought leader in your industry.

    1. Finetune your social media channels  

    When it comes to connecting and interacting with the public, few other methods can top the impact of social media. New channels seem to pop up on an almost daily basis and join the already crowd field. Should you attempt to interact with all of them? If not, how should you choose which ones to utilize?

    A recent survey from Cision-PRWeek noted that 88 percent of respondents said that Facebook was the most effective social media network, followed by Twitter at 72 percent and Instagram with 52 percent.

    This means that an active Facebook presence should be part of your public relations strategy for 2018. While Facebook still offers a number of tools that help you reach your target audience, recently, the social media giant shifted from a marketing focus to one that is grounded in connecting people. Be sure to post content that offers value to your target audience. Look at the most popular posts from the past and provide more within similar subject areas.

    1. Develop a measurement metric

    Having an effective measurement metric for your public relations strategy in place is a vital step in determining its success. Be sure to tie those metrics to your goals. For example, if you want a certain number of people to engage with a new service or product, create a campaign that delivers data that you can measure.

    On social media, likes on a particular post can tell you that people are responding to the content but interactive engagement delves deeper into their feelings. Shares and comments help you develop a complete overview of how the public is reacting to your brand.

    Make sure your brand is ready to tackle the busy season by taking a look at your public relations strategy now. Use the above steps as a guideline to see if it can be improved.

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